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To wear a mask or not?7/24/2021  0  
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What should I Wear??7/23/2021  16  
Myself, so very bare and in your lap ... whisper # 18, Being "watched" is requisite torment..7/22/2021  0  
Had my liposuction surgery last week, July 13th7/22/2021  2  
First meet with AdultFriendFinder member while cuck was at work7/22/2021  0  
FIRST DATE/MEET HORROR STORIES FROM AdultFriendFinder7/22/2021  29  
I love MY GAY Boyfriend7/22/2021  0  
DeltaV7/21/2021  7  
DIAL M FOR MERKIN7/21/2021  16  
Then it is winter7/20/2021  11  
Getting back on my own7/20/2021  2  
A Great Weekend & Pics Of Some Moonglow While Putting Up Lights7/19/2021  7  
The Nipple Party7/19/2021  0  
Popsicle Toes7/18/2021  2  
Birthday surprises7/17/2021  3  
Crazy fun7/16/2021  0  
Another Naughty Flirting Fun Friday! (With My Pics)7/16/2021  21  
Germany’s Night Tales 1 part17/15/2021  0  
More "stretching"7/14/2021  51  
The Park7/14/2021  0  
First Blog7/13/2021  0  
It's the Wearable Art7/12/2021  5  
sex log stardate 12.7.217/12/2021  3  
The woman with a flower in her hair!7/11/2021  2  
I’m all but impotent now7/11/2021  0  
You’re at a disadvantage here7/10/2021  0  
Erotic Photo of the Day7/10/2021  3  
I’m as ready as I can ever be7/9/2021  0  
The Trip7/7/2021  0  
Just call me Cinderella....7/6/2021  7  
New Matches7/5/2021  7  
This is a business deal only7/4/2021  2  
I lost weight, what should I wear?7/4/2021  19  
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What would you like?7/3/2021  0  
Sexy Underwear7/3/2021  3  
Today’s Outfit … should I wear a bra?7/2/2021  20  
I bumped into my high school biology teacher7/2/2021  5  
Being the Best You Can Be7/1/2021  4  
HNW - Do Your Own Thing6/30/2021  5  
Erotic Photo of the Day6/29/2021  3  
So a little more about me6/27/2021  0  
Freedom6/27/2021  7  
Grapeshot6/27/2021  2  
Finally Warm weather!!6/27/2021  1  
Tallie's First Older Friend, shhhhh :)6/26/2021  9  
Weird People on Here!6/25/2021  0  
Master6/25/2021  0