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What finding a friend as a Grownup means to me8/7/2020  0  
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Out of the mouths of others...8/6/2020  8  
Sine moms death just falling apart whys it so hard?8/5/2020  0  
Another Naughty Wicked Winter Wednesday! (With My New Cam-T, Nipple Pics)8/5/2020  16  
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meeting and being safe8/3/2020  0  
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What To Wear8/3/2020  7  
"Do you want it bad... Or are you just comfortable" sometimes we think we're walking on egg shells..8/2/2020  5  
Whats next? GB with social distancing outdoors?8/2/2020  2  
My first BBC8/2/2020  4  
A haunting fantasy to desire for real.8/2/2020  0  
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Venom8/1/2020  0  
Marriage and green cards8/1/2020  1  
My Friday......I'm beyond done with this shit8/1/2020  6  
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E142: Five years later - the end?7/31/2020  0  
Fucked in my Office (fiction)7/30/2020  5  
Mistress – Six7/30/2020  0  
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Shiny things! (for Fit&Fun)7/30/2020  4  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act VIII ) Part B7/29/2020  0  
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HNW....doing my own thing (reposted)7/29/2020  12  
Wicked Wednesday Or Naughty Hump Day?! (And My New Pics)7/29/2020  25  
COVID f.k.a. Cocaine7/29/2020  11  
Like a Baby's Bottom7/29/2020  0  
HNW A Bit Early7/28/2020  8  
🥂❤️ Your choice?7/28/2020  7  
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Walking with Authority7/27/2020  11  
Using Improvisation Techniques in BDSM Scenes7/27/2020  0  
my first time having orgasm7/26/2020  7  
The Trump virus7/26/2020  10  
E136: Back home7/25/2020  0  
A Great Day7/25/2020  0  
Not fucking in the corona era?7/25/2020  7  
What sexy lingerie to buy? Help me find the perfect one!7/25/2020  23  
Another rant. Haven't done these in awhile :P7/25/2020  14  
E135: What is happening on the Cape7/24/2020  0  
"times are changing, strange is getting stranger tryna make my way through pain and anger..."7/24/2020  4  
What I want7/23/2020  0