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The wall7/28/2019  0  
Don't just ask "what are you into". Talk and explore about "why are you into that?"7/26/2019  2  
Viking Tales :)7/11/2019  3  
To clear up some misconceptions about being submissive7/1/2019  7  
do people really fall out of love if they were in love to start6/29/2019  0  
Punishment6/22/2019  1  
I may put you on a pedestal I'm not your fall from grace Maybe I luv the pain Maybe I luv the chase6/14/2019  7  
The Hotwife: A true story of the woman who helped me realize I was a Dom6/4/2019  0  
Erotica5/31/2019  1  
May 30, 20195/30/2019  1  
Standard Membership5/29/2019  6  
Random Ramblings About Sex, Multiple Sexual Partners, and Sex Through History......5/25/2019  0  
A story for my slave5/20/2019  0  
Sex is Great and acceptable in all forms and fashion5/17/2019  0  
E080: Emma enters the Yankee north for the first time5/17/2019  0  
Dirty Bitch Boi Butt-Fuck in Vegas5/11/2019  0  
Hidden Desires--Part II/C5/8/2019  0  
Birthday at the Sinsinnati House4/28/2019  0  
punishment?4/24/2019  1  
Sometimes.....Part Three4/24/2019  3  
Sometimes Crime Does Pay...4/23/2019  3  
Jesus Washes and Anoints Judas4/14/2019  0  
Aftermath of a MM Experience (3 of 3)4/9/2019  0  
Who I am/What I Do3/30/2019  0  
E071: Back with Sasha again3/28/2019  1  
The step-daughter and daddy lunch3/28/2019  0  
omg what am i doing here3/26/2019  15  
Balloon message fun3/25/2019  6  
Runnin and Gunning on a Saturday3/23/2019  2  
Daddy/Daughter3/22/2019  0  
15 slave positions3/17/2019  0  
mistress or master slave contract3/16/2019  1  
E70: Emma starting her new life, with a couple diversions3/16/2019  1  
E069: Monday night3/11/2019  0  
E069: Monday night3/11/2019  0  
rules, protocals and expectations for my slave/subs3/10/2019  0  
D's Breeding Fantasy3/8/2019  1  
Starting things off2/27/2019  2  
E067: Emma’s necklace is finished2/21/2019  0  
Meeting a Dominant2/19/2019  1  
Does this comment give you the impression that the commenter approves of sexual violence?2/17/2019  8  
Punished for being late2/15/2019  3  
E063: The thirty-sixth pearl2/15/2019  1  
They are not Perfect Match2/5/2019  2  
E60: Pearl Thirty-three1/30/2019  1  
E059: The honeymoon entry from Emma’s mother’s diary1/29/2019  2  
Discipline or Training?1/27/2019  5  
Friday Fukitol - So Long and Thanks for All the Fish1/25/2019  5  
E055: The Thirtieth Pearl1/25/2019  0  
E053: Donald’s request and Emma’s Twenty-eighth pearl1/23/2019  2