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Friday thoughts12/8/2017  0  
Al Franken12/8/2017  1  
Resume11/30/2017  0  
Open Season on MEN in America11/30/2017  4  
ELLEN AND ME a STORY11/25/2017  0  
Baby Girl Punishment 111/24/2017  1  
Down The Rabbit Hole11/19/2017  0  
What's in YOUR wallet?11/18/2017  0  
True self11/18/2017  0  
Sorry Not Sorry, Just Sorry You Got Caught!11/16/2017  12  
A fantasy for me11/14/2017  0  
Is Kamasutra Pornography?11/13/2017  2  
dom sub couple with seewatchdo11/11/2017  3  
Erotic Fantasy, Erotic Reality (Erotica Story)11/11/2017  0  
hmmmm10/26/2017  0  
First meeting (erotic fiction)10/23/2017  3  
Dominant and submissive relationships10/7/2017  1  
DECALOGO DEL AMO9/27/2017  0  
Top 50 Jokes9/21/2017  0  
Literary Influences9/18/2017  3  
is this their frustration or insecurity of their own self?9/15/2017  0  
The Tool Shed9/11/2017  0  
a dream i had the other night9/5/2017  0  
AS Soon as I get out, They drag you back In.9/3/2017  1  
Moving Forward To?8/30/2017  0  
Punishment8/25/2017  3  
NO ONE EVER IS TO BLAME8/23/2017  24  
slave this is a good read you might get some ideas8/22/2017  0  
Glutton for punishment8/20/2017  0  
I thought there would be fanfare8/17/2017  3  
Domination8/14/2017  3  
Definition of Dominance8/12/2017  11  
I'm A Glutton For Punishment8/12/2017  6  
From another book I'm writing8/10/2017  0  
...In Which Ginger Dictionaries A Daddy Dom8/8/2017  14  
Naughty Neighbors - Sleep Over - Jackson POV7/24/2017  1  
The pandejo remembers . . .7/24/2017  3  
making up time7/23/2017  1  
making up time7/23/2017  0  
Mr Blackhorse and The Lovely Melody Part I7/21/2017  0  
Disciplinary cunnilingus7/17/2017  9  
Cleaning Out the Joke File7/17/2017  7  
Love Is a Risk So Why Not Take a Chance At It What Do You Have To Lose??7/13/2017  4  
(A Late) Virtual Symposium XXXII...In Which Ginger Vacates7/9/2017  10  
~~~ Celebration of independence7/4/2017  12  
Erotica7/1/2017  0  
"You say you love me in the darkness... But in the day I am denied It doesn't really matter...6/28/2017  1  
Tell me about your AdultFriendFinder experience6/27/2017  3  
SM/BD Erotica6/24/2017  0