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Not The Surprise I Expected8/14/2019  1  
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Desired6/23/2019  0  
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Doin’ It6/12/2019  1  
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I am a discrete submissive bottom5/3/2019  2  
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Still Horny; Carry On3/10/2019  5  
Standards can read my profile here3/8/2019  8  
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Objects! I didn't Object but I objected, objects per directions, objectively!2/25/2019  0  
Stroking and getting off, the title of my latest video2/17/2019  0  
Rainy Day Sex Stories2/14/2019  7  
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D/s Roleplay1/30/2019  1  
The Simple Things - Rant On Oatmeal ... And Everything In Life1/28/2019  6  
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Things That I Like Sexually... and a few that I don't.1/19/2019  3  
After Dinner Guest1/18/2019  1  
wanna surprise the wife give me some ideas12/30/2018  0  
Nikki Thickts Stories of Sex...12/22/2018  0  
Hello12/13/2018  0  
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Hot12/5/2018  6  
couples11/22/2018  13  
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Women and couples in columbus, OH11/8/2018  0  
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On 69ing, do you really like it, or just do it for fun?11/3/2018  16  
Woke up this morning with thoughts of her - II11/3/2018  2  
About RIGHT NOW11/2/2018  2  
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My 1st AdultFriendFinder blog post - My First "Piece of Ass"10/23/2018  8