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Back to being an Uber Driving Slut... and loving it5/13/2021  25  
My condition, why my pussy is so tight.5/12/2021  6  
Motel Slut Sequel 19985/12/2021  3  
Brainwashed5/12/2021  3  
One in a Hundred Odds - A-F-F5/11/2021  8  
FICTION - Birthday Surprise Ch. 15/11/2021  3  
Motel Slut 19985/10/2021  0  
The Bruised Anthology5/10/2021  0  
Cum control, foreskin play, single guy annoyances and more5/9/2021  4  
No new chapter today...5/9/2021  3  
Because I Could5/8/2021  14  
More filthy fun with a married slut named Pamela!5/7/2021  1  
Cinco de Mayo5/7/2021  1  
Fun Friday?5/7/2021  4  
"...Then You Really Might Know What It's Like..."5/6/2021  2  
My left leg....5/6/2021  7  
my heart broken x my country5/5/2021  5  
Happy5/4/2021  0  
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses w/pics5/4/2021  9  
A Rainy Summer Afternoon (part 2)5/3/2021  5  
I feel like you shouldn’t have the best of both worlds5/2/2021  0  
tribute to all the sites sunday morning ringers5/2/2021  2  
Walk Away Renee5/1/2021  0  
**** Your May Love Forecast ****5/1/2021  19  
She Orgasms in Red4/30/2021  0  
April 28 - Thomas4/29/2021  3  
He Wanted A CareGiver4/29/2021  3  
Western Dream4/28/2021  0  
A fruitful week so far4/27/2021  2  
A Promise to Phyllis w/pics4/27/2021  6  
So I need a guy to take charge in the bedroom4/26/2021  0  
Pandemic Alcoholic4/25/2021  1  
Pandemic Alcoholic4/25/2021  0  
WHAT am I INTO? Literally.... myself for years.4/24/2021  1  
Subservient Natures...4/23/2021  2  
Kinky things I'm here for From FemDom submission to Bisexual couples,4/23/2021  1  
Da and Lil One 14/22/2021  0  
In the Beginning There Was Nothing...4/21/2021  0  
From here to eternity4/20/2021  3  
Glow4/19/2021  5  
My guide to anal sex4/19/2021  10  
Aphrodite Rising4/19/2021  3  
Bridge Over Troubled Water by Aretha Franklin w/pics4/16/2021  4  
I want to get kinky!4/15/2021  6  
Poison's Every Rose Has It's Thorn with pics4/15/2021  9  
Masterpiece4/14/2021  0  
talk to meee4/13/2021  8  
The Language of Empowerment pt54/13/2021  0  
The Language of Empowerment pt14/13/2021  1