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A Campus fling7/20/2019  20  
4) First night in a frat house!7/8/2019  2  
If It’s the Thought that Counts, then I Should Probably Be in Jail6/29/2019  0  
E085: Thursday evening6/17/2019  3  
Breakfast and a Date...6/9/2019  0  
Woke shit... because fragile minds can't cope6/2/2019  4  
Meeting Debbie5/31/2019  1  
A Summer of Alice5/26/2019  2  
In honor of those that served and made the ulitmate sacrifice5/25/2019  5  
Gotta be edumacated5/25/2019  0  
TomboyTgirl68 ...... It's All In My Name5/24/2019  0  
Joke Post: Woman develops IQ of 220 after drinking sperm every day for a year5/22/2019  1  
Dinner and Dessert5/5/2019  0  
The Next Weekend4/20/2019  1  
First Time4/15/2019  5  
A Few More Things I Need To Open Up About Myself Phase One4/4/2019  0  
**College Girl's Adventures Away From Home**4/3/2019  0  
The step-daughter and daddy lunch3/28/2019  0  
First time double teamed by two guys (in public)2/13/2019  2  
Sexual Explorations: Joey and Joseph the twins2/5/2019  1  
Going way down...1/30/2019  3  
Her Tastes Revealed1/28/2019  3  
Marathon Man or Fast and Furious?1/11/2019  0  
Sex with Chandigarh Couple in Delhi, India1/6/2019  0  
Is This Just a New Spin on an Old Classic?12/6/2018  21  
In the Christmas Spirit!!!!12/3/2018  1  
Coffee anyone11/29/2018  0  
...In Which Ginger Smells Something Funny11/4/2018  17  
First threesome with two women10/29/2018  0  
Things I do While Naked, Part 110/16/2018  0  
Sucking off a black professor in his office10/8/2018  0  
Yesterday I went to homecoming!!9/23/2018  0  
A Day I Walked A Poem9/14/2018  6  
Football, food and fucking...9/1/2018  0  
How the 3-pointer came to dominate the NBA8/31/2018  8  
The smooth and silky?8/29/2018  7  
Walnut Street: Oh Shit~!8/22/2018  4  
Wish me luck...Im not tellin why! But its needed!8/21/2018  16  
First time while hitch hiking8/14/2018  2  
Walnut Street: Damn!! I Just Love This Bar!8/10/2018  2  
Summer Fling in Madison, WI8/3/2018  1  
A Man From Long Ago. A Poem7/16/2018  0  
El juego.7/2/2018  17  
On This day in the News :)6/10/2018  2  
Introduction to Dildos6/5/2018  8  
Tras la puerta.5/28/2018  16  
Becoming a Star5/17/2018  7  
My Greek Life5/6/2018  0  
...In Which Ginger’s A Pear Tree5/1/2018  8  
Back to the hot stuff.4/21/2018  1