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Sex with an Angel2/5/2018  0  
crime&PUNISHMENT1/24/2018  0  
Do you keep a clean space when you have 'company'?1/23/2018  9  
Submissive needs won’t say1/22/2018  1  
your1/18/2018  0  
**** To My Beloved Husband****1/18/2018  22  
Cages1/15/2018  3  
Most People are Good1/14/2018  11  
Is hairless balls and cock with a tuff of hair on top Sexy?1/9/2018  3  
The shoebox1/6/2018  7  
FORGIVENESS1/6/2018  24  
Becoming Daddy's girl1/4/2018  0  
boytoy part 21/1/2018  1  
"Hike up your skirt a little more and, show your world to me In a boys dream..."12/31/2017  3  
I’m a sub - Not a CD or TV/TS - But You Can Force Me To Wear Your Wife’s Panties…12/29/2017  0  
It is ...12/19/2017  7  
ace of swords again...12/18/2017  0  
Reminded Memories12/16/2017  5  
Control versus Subservience12/14/2017  0  
All I want for Christmas…is a Black Santa Claus12/7/2017  0  
Vanilla and cigarette smoke...12/6/2017  2  
five cups12/2/2017  0  
Learn To Love Yourself11/30/2017  0  
Please Forgive Me11/26/2017  10  
"I've been praying but I'm paying for my sins - Won't you give me a sign if I lose my mind?"11/25/2017  2  
ELLEN AND ME a STORY11/25/2017  0  
What is A.F.F. to you? Reality or Fantasy11/22/2017  9  
David - March 201511/21/2017  0  
...In Which Ginger Says "Toddy Leviosa!"11/20/2017  10  
I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal...11/20/2017  6  
Why are Disney guy's so terrible?11/16/2017  5  
I hope your soul is changin'11/15/2017  5  
Golden Showers 101 or How to Piss In or On Your Cocksucker11/14/2017  0  
& I could be a11/9/2017  2  
How to Select and Keep a Regular Cock Sucker on the Side11/9/2017  0  
i hate everyone on11/8/2017  4  
Inviting a Guy Over to Suck Your Cock for the First Time11/7/2017  1  
November's Theme of Death, Rebirth & Transformation...11/6/2017  8  
I'm a low-down cheater....11/3/2017  1  
Instead of "Tittie Tues", It was "Boo ..... bie Tuesday"! (My Pics)11/2/2017  12  
"I'll pour the gasoline on your halo - I'll flip the zippo, put it in your hand..." for my dancers10/31/2017  4  
A Good Coc­ksucker Do­es So Much­ More Than­ Get A Guy­ Off10/29/2017  1  
Live confessions!10/20/2017  0  
Live confessions!10/20/2017  0  
Live confessions!10/20/2017  0  
Live confessions!10/20/2017  0  
you lot hate me10/20/2017  0  
Advice to Husbands10/12/2017  3  
Just A Sexy "Quickie" To ..... (And More of My New Corset Pics!)10/12/2017  22  
gloomy gus10/6/2017  0