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Showing in public.5/4/2019  0  
I still think about her5/3/2019  2  
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Longed for that freedom...4/24/2019  3  
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13 Fake (and Real) Food Names4/18/2019  4  
Pat and he is a man4/14/2019  0  
It seems like no women in the Chicago area wants to talk to me.4/11/2019  5  
Flying cars will only be eco-friendly if we use them right4/9/2019  5  
Aftermath of a MM Experience (3 of 3)4/9/2019  0  
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Married guys?3/29/2019  1  
Aftermath of a MM Experience (2 of 3)3/24/2019  0  
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As the years roll by3/17/2019  9  
Dogs Do It... And We've Copied Their Style... 💚😊🐶3/16/2019  17  
Off to the museum....3/16/2019  3  
New Hampshire’s Mountain-Climbing ‘Railway to the Moon’ Turns 1503/15/2019  3  
The Trucker and a CB3/14/2019  4  
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Rants & Random Updates 2019/013/11/2019  3  
Sh*t Just Got REAL3/9/2019  26  
“The Devil You Know.”3/8/2019  3  
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Roadside store2/28/2019  2  
Knight of fun!2/28/2019  1  
Back at it.2/21/2019  1  
E065: Emma’s thirty-seventh pearl2/18/2019  1  
Bad vibes2/17/2019  2  
Crossing the line2/16/2019  2  
Western slope adult recreation group coming soon2/10/2019  1  
Mutiny in Space: Why These Skylab Astronauts Never Flew Again2/8/2019  3  
GETTING ANTSY!!!2/8/2019  9  
It's Friday.........2/8/2019  2  
State of the Union address2/6/2019  0  
Valentine's Day gift #502/5/2019  3  
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A 'quiet' CNY Eve2/4/2019  2  
Clarksville, TN - Amateur Photographer / Artist - Seeking Anyone Willing2/2/2019  1  
Travel1/25/2019  0  
Home Improvement Blues1/25/2019  20  
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Bear with me, there's a method to the madness...1/22/2019  0  
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Getting tatted1/15/2019  10