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Tips to make a sub feel wanted4/21/2018  1  
A, B , C-um play music with me ..... ya .... you4/21/2018  0  
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My Start in Kink..part 34/7/2018  1  
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Cans and Cards and Money4/5/2018  12  
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My drive back and forth to Clarksville IN.3/29/2018  2  
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Does social/financial status factor in from sex to dating?3/26/2018  10  
Duluth Bike ride and party July 4 thru 7 20183/13/2018  0  
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Will I Ever Learn?3/11/2018  9  
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Rules for dominant and the submissive2/22/2018  1  
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Tiring, boring and long year.2/15/2018  5  
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