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Domination of a woman This is for the women who love to be tied up...3/24/2021  2  
Official Member of the Waterfalls Brigade – and it’s not even my fault3/15/2021  2  
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...3/10/2021  16  
A new journey begins3/10/2021  1  
You found me!3/9/2021  0  
icecream2/25/2021  0  
bdsmtest.org2/17/2021  0  
Superbowl…Super fail.2/8/2021  1  
BLOW JOBS2/2/2021  0  
My BDSM Test1/29/2021  0  
How Does An Aspiring Hot Wife Find Her Cuckhold?1/28/2021  2  
Kinky..!!1/25/2021  5  
Watched my neighbors having sex last night1/25/2021  0  
looking for an unusual female partner1/25/2021  0  
Katy1/20/2021  0  
Just me1/20/2021  0  
squirt my load my creamy vanilla pudding inside her pussy1/19/2021  2  
Breaking our Vows?1/19/2021  2  
LUNCHANDCONVO: SKIP IT!1/17/2021  11  
A dip into being a Bull1/16/2021  0  
Waiting is the hardest thing to do1/16/2021  1  
POST 100: REGRETS?1/15/2021  14  
Biting the carpet1/14/2021  1  
Random Thoughts1/7/2021  0  
Yet ANOTHER bottom in Bemidji1/7/2021  0  
The Newest Addition to My Toy Collection...OMG!!1/7/2021  7  
**Getting Whipped Tomorrow**1/4/2021  26  
Kinky or vanilla?12/31/2020  0  
Excerpt from Maid to Please, available on Amazon now12/30/2020  0  
Keep It Simple Sweetheart12/27/2020  3  
The bare necessities...12/23/2020  5  
Bucket list12/22/2020  0  
*********Snowed In Drinking Ideas**********12/18/2020  9  
Relationships... or History12/15/2020  0  
I want to talk about biases, the media's reputation, and how people don't trust the government.12/12/2020  0  
I want to talk about biases, the media's reputation, and how people don't trust the government.12/12/2020  1  
I want to talk about biases, the media's reputation, and how people dont trust the government.12/11/2020  0  
hot lemonade and vanilla pudding12/10/2020  1  
Shelly12/4/2020  8  
Please, Sir, may i have another?12/4/2020  5  
Wet12/3/2020  1  
** Some Thanksgiving Left Over Ideas **11/24/2020  20  
Just thoughts11/21/2020  0  
**New Holiday BONUS Desserts For Thanksgiving**11/21/2020  18  
My First Time ...11/19/2020  12  
**New Recipes To Spice Up Your Holiday Ham**11/18/2020  17  
My MFM play11/14/2020  0  
**** Sundae Kind Of Fun ****11/10/2020  22  
I’m just gonna leave this right here...11/8/2020  7  
Don't you just love music!11/7/2020  2