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salacious3/6/2018  0  
So busy picking on a 6 string 0ne 0r tw03/4/2018  0  
random thoughts and loud music2/27/2018  3  
Insignificant Ponderings2/23/2018  3  
A Rant on Music2/19/2018  4  
Play it Again and Again and Again2/17/2018  15  
Young Americans2/16/2018  2  
"Nobody can love me better - Like the stars above we burn together - I feel like I'm in too deep"2/15/2018  2  
You're Making Me High ...2/13/2018  0  
Singing with the windows up or down??2/13/2018  8  
"Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over - And it seems as though the writing's on the wall."2/7/2018  3  
Music2/6/2018  0  
"I'll use you as a gauge Of how much to give and how much to take I'll use you as a warning sign"2/6/2018  2  
Angry little girl.2/4/2018  5  
"If I turn into another Dig me up from under what is covering The better part of me Sing this song"1/25/2018  2  
You show me YOU...and I'll show ME.1/25/2018  5  
ooops!1/25/2018  0  
Though we've never met today ..... 1 million times or more1/18/2018  0  
Trivia 4751/14/2018  10  
Woke up this morningpull1/9/2018  0  
Music, one of our best comunication forms1/7/2018  0  
A cappella....bringing tears to my eyes such talent!12/31/2017  17  
Auld Lang Syne : Lyrics12/31/2017  6  
"You gotta make a big impression (Oh yeah) Gotta like what you do..." yes, please...12/27/2017  4  
"Struggling for water you are what's left of me - tie me to the floor..." for my slow dancers12/25/2017  2  
I Might.,,12/24/2017  0  
All this flirtin'12/21/2017  0  
A Bed Time story for those who still like to play12/21/2017  0  
The Masturbatorium of Stevie Xanax12/19/2017  4  
"When your dreams come alive you're unstoppable. Take the shot, chase the sun, find the beautiful."12/18/2017  4  
"Come away with me in the night - Come away with me And I will write you a song..."12/17/2017  6  
"I want an ocean view, somewhere - As long as I'm next to you, I don't care..."12/16/2017  4  
"Nothing left for me to say - There's no more wicked games to play It's time for me to walk away..."12/12/2017  4  
"We're going places - And, they don't know - We're making memories - And, they don't know..."12/10/2017  3  
" I can't turn you away - You're the blood in my veins ..." What have you done to my heart...12/7/2017  6  
👔👡I've been thinking about it all day💋12/6/2017  3  
"I try to tie you down with synonyms, and sad piano sounds - For a moment you surrender..."12/6/2017  6  
"You can be the poet - I'll be the song - You can be the sunlight - I'll be the dawn..."12/3/2017  6  
"If the sun and moon were aligned and they both crashed thru the stars if you weren't so far behind"12/2/2017  4  
Made off, Don't stray. My kind's your kind. I'll stay the same Wait. they don't luv u like I luv u"11/28/2017  4  
"Meet me in this space... away from your fears... There's something about us... within..."11/27/2017  3  
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas11/27/2017  9  
Makes No Sense At All (Labyrinth) - Prologue11/26/2017  0  
Beautiful Things11/26/2017  1  
Got me feelin' for your lips on my kiss! All night, never want no other lovaaahh!11/25/2017  12  
A Daughter's perspective part 14,things I never told my Mom,I'm pregnant,Thanksgiving11/25/2017  1  
"When the sun rises silver - Meet me there across the water - And we'll start an endless storm..."11/21/2017  4