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I came here to tell you about the rhythms of the universe2/19/2019  12  
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Music & Me (That's Nate Dogg, if you weren't sure)2/12/2019  1  
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I’m here with you.1/31/2019  1  
So many fake accounts... It's fun to mess with them!1/28/2019  1  
"Everythin' I never said, still numb from you Memories of what we did come into view..."1/26/2019  4  
I KNOW IT'S ONLY ROCK 'N' ROLL1/15/2019  27  
Large Coffee ☕ and A Vibrator... Please1/15/2019  14  
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Don't you just love music12/30/2018  2  
Music quiz - Lyrics12/30/2018  11  
"My fave singers reading my posts... I proclaimed my eternal love for Hannah Reid..." - I luv her!!!12/28/2018  3  
Don't you just love music12/28/2018  2  
Tell me a story ...12/27/2018  9  
Merry Christmas!12/25/2018  2  
"Never said I would be ur lover Never said I would take no other My desire - A violent daydream..."12/25/2018  3  
"She gets what she wants all the time 'Cause she's fine she's a hot, hot mess, Make you so blind..."12/23/2018  5  
**** Top Naughty Christmas Songs ****12/16/2018  19  
Easy Email Analysis12/10/2018  17  
'Dream boy... I cook?' that's what Azhar said... Cancun, still in the air...12/9/2018  3  
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The 12 days of Christmas #4812/1/2018  6  
Just stop already.11/30/2018  29  
"Meet me in this space... away from your fears... There's something about us... within..."11/28/2018  4  
"Broken down and hungry for ur love With no way to feed it Where are u? You know how much I need it"11/25/2018  4  
"We should leave our lovers, be with each other Run your fingers thru my hair, hide under my covers"11/7/2018  5  
Something To Write About. A Poem11/2/2018  11  
Table of Contents to My Ramblings11/1/2018  0  
HNW 89 - A Different Kind of "Father Figure"10/30/2018  14  
JUST A SONG BEFORE I GO10/28/2018  29  
"'you people' and, by 'you people' I mean the ones that have given more than you've taken..."10/26/2018  3