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Starting over...again7/25/2020  0  
Anyone real on here?, I've never seen so many fake profiles.7/25/2020  1  
Invitation7/25/2020  0  
No success here yet.7/24/2020  0  
Poker 1xBet Thailand7/24/2020  0  
It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood...7/23/2020  11  
E134: The honeymoon continues7/23/2020  0  
E134: The honeymoon continues7/22/2020  0  
Farewell Friends7/21/2020  0  
I am taking odds7/21/2020  8  
So Far, Nothing.7/19/2020  2  
Leaving AdultFriendFinder7/19/2020  9  
Well this was a waste of time and money...7/17/2020  1  
the test period is over7/15/2020  2  
something that angers me7/15/2020  0  
Benefits7/14/2020  1  
Yes.7/10/2020  0  
Honestly. This site.7/9/2020  5  
Status On An Invitation To Be Alone, With A Bunch Of Couples7/9/2020  0  
U.S. notice to withdraw from WHO7/8/2020  4  
NO MORE GOLD7/6/2020  1  
Thank you!7/6/2020  0  
What is it about the Holidays?7/6/2020  6  
Changes Ahead7/6/2020  19  
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What Do U Get From A Gold Membership?7/1/2020  2  
Lovely, sexy me ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹7/1/2020  1  
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Racist bling..........6/26/2020  22  
Our First Time At A Swingers Club (PIH)6/26/2020  0  
Viable alternatives help required?6/25/2020  3  
Our Experience Of AdultFriendFinder6/24/2020  0  
... who has gotten super frustrated in a bad way6/22/2020  12  
...who was friendly.6/22/2020  12  
where is everybody6/22/2020  1  
Expired6/17/2020  0  
Re-imagining AdultFriendFinder6/16/2020  30  
New6/16/2020  1  
We Have Lost Forty Million Good Menโ€ฆ WTF?๐Ÿ˜ฎ6/15/2020  18  
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First blog, have some very entertaining ideas, but we need help. More friends, top fans, points...6/11/2020  0  
Thoughts after going Gold6/10/2020  0  
Devious Outlet6/5/2020  3  
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New to OKC area5/27/2020  0  
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Thank you5/26/2020  6