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Sunday Morning Confessional4/23/2017  27  
Kitten's Confessional... Cum Clean here... :)4/16/2017  17  
Sunday Sins - Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill4/2/2017  2  
"Always a Sinner"3/23/2017  2  
My God3/12/2017  7  
Dreamers3/2/2017  2  
"Tell Me Chyld"2/24/2017  2  
要,不要2/9/2017  0  
He Hate Me2/4/2017  7  
At the gates1/4/2017  0  
Raunchy Historical Facts..12/27/2016  14  
********VOO DOO DICK*********12/17/2016  25  
Sunday Sins - Satyr on the Mount10/23/2016  3  
Ten Truths Eleven Sins9/18/2016  2  
Sunday Sins - Gobble Gobble, Bang Bang9/11/2016  8  
I found God...9/4/2016  0  
By popular request... My 'Sliding Top 30' (work in progress... please don't judge me...)!!!6/26/2016  6  
MATURE SEXY WOMEN @ >-----How much truth in this6/26/2016  20  
Confession6/22/2016  0  
Sins. It's not what you think.6/22/2016  1  
Breathe...6/17/2016  2  
Tequila and You6/2/2016  3  
For the Fallen on Memorial Day5/30/2016  0  
How did I get singled out for this?5/22/2016  4  
Sunday Sins - Nerd Girls ARE Sexy5/15/2016  6  
Imagine A Woman5/12/2016  2  
Sunday Sins - My Boundary Defying Bennie5/8/2016  5  
Getting to know...me?5/4/2016  3  
Sunday Sins - Gluttonous Baggage5/1/2016  6  
Una de mis canciones preferidas...4/27/2016  2  
Random Thoughts of the Day ;) II4/26/2016  2  
Sunday Sins - Sunny Shores4/17/2016  4  
Sunday Sins - More Alley Cats and Gutter Minds4/10/2016  5  
Sex on the Beach: My Florida Excursion, Preamble4/7/2016  2  
Secrets That My Family Went To The Grave With4/3/2016  12  
"That's right momma, fuck 'em all."3/30/2016  8  
Winter is dead3/27/2016  6  
No One Night Stands.....3/10/2016  2  
Freezing Man2/14/2016  11  
Johnny- My Friend with Benefits2/9/2016  23  
She did not come thru the bathroom window, she flew in on a five hour flight... Part VI...1/24/2016  5  
Tongue studs sexy? Try this!1/23/2016  2  
Gods From Different Cultures.1/20/2016  0  
Too personal1/16/2016  3  
Seven Deadly Sexy Sins1/2/2016  0  
A bedtime story for those who still love to play12/17/2015  0  
Early Dates11/28/2015  20  
De l'usage du mot "Martyre "par les commentateurs T.V.11/25/2015  6