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The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah10/19/2015  3  
Porn10/17/2015  4  
Being Lyrical10/11/2015  2  
Naughty Poem #19/18/2015  3  
Ok... that's it... I can't hide my feelings for her anymore...9/14/2015  8  
miscellaneous ramblings.....9/8/2015  0  
Self Image9/5/2015  6  
"The forbidden fruit(s).9/1/2015  6  
Dude please don't dump me, I promise I'll paint my nails Black!8/29/2015  6  
Freaking Nervous8/28/2015  6  
Cemetery Gates8/25/2015  2  
Seven Deadly Sins8/11/2015  9  
Aphorism8/11/2015  0  
Deadly Sins8/9/2015  12  
"Bleeding Out"7/20/2015  0  
Confession7/1/2015  6  
When In Rome ... or in the Middle East6/16/2015  9  
There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin...5/16/2015  1  
Joking around...5/14/2015  0  
You may be submissive if5/8/2015  3  
reheat anything5/6/2015  5  
thoughts4/11/2015  0  
somethings i believe in4/5/2015  4  
somethings i believe in4/5/2015  0  
Diabetese,meds and my cock4/4/2015  0  
The Pope and The Rabbi3/14/2015  1  
... with a dying fire3/9/2015  6  
It Was Warren Sapp, and He Was . . .3/7/2015  8  
My Interpretation of the Lyrics: Take Me To Church3/6/2015  6  
The Squeeze2/16/2015  0  
deliverance1/21/2015  0  
Fatty likes pie1/21/2015  6  
The Apple of Desire..1/12/2015  2  
It is easier for a big cock to enter the asshole of a virgin than for a rich man to enter Heaven1/3/2015  5  
Marine at Catholic Confessional12/31/2014  3  
New Poem for tonight12/30/2014  3  
Do you find your religious beliefs (or lack of) help (or hinder) dating?12/25/2014  3  
My sliding top 30...12/20/2014  3  
Would you give sexual pleasure with no reciprocation?12/17/2014  5  
Observations of a Tart (or “I'm a Flawed Person”)12/17/2014  1  
Take me to Church Song12/10/2014  8  
Now he crowns his meteoric rise to fame with a fiery burst dramatic power11/26/2014  7  
You can Tune a Piano But You Can't Tune A Fish11/14/2014  6  
The innocence of nihilism11/10/2014  6  
THE PUNISHER11/5/2014  1  
For smartasswoman- Fifteen ways to ruin your life11/5/2014  11  
Watched Movies11/3/2014  3  
Relatively virtuous10/18/2014  2  
My team - part 1 - NBA9/29/2014  4