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I'm not having sex, so I'm spending a lot of time...3/28/2006  3  
Tagged By A Girl - And I Like It3/23/2006  6  
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WEDNESDAY3/2/2006  0  
WISH ME LUCK2/17/2006  1  
So I Visited The Real World For A Few Days2/8/2006  17  
What Kind of Orgasm12/22/2005  16  
...and now it gets wierd.12/5/2005  5  
Back from Buttonwillow racetrack11/7/2005  0  
Baseball, BBQ, BountyHunters and other male bonding...10/25/2005  6  
FULL OF TENSION - 26 weeks pregnant10/19/2005  0  
Fermata10/11/2005  5  
Random jobbiness, redux10/9/2005  0  
Red Mustang in the shop again9/13/2005  2  
SUPERVISORS!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGg8/17/2005  2  
hmmmmm.8/4/2005  1  
Garbo7/21/2005  0  
My 2003 Red Mustang Cobra7/13/2005  0  
Car shopping6/26/2005  0  
Epilogue to keithcancook Nearly Meets His Maker6/20/2005  18