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Gift Giving..........12/21/2014  15  
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Safe and Happy Holidays ~~ Happy Thanksgiving ~~Off to Mexico ~~Signing off11/27/2014  54  
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food festivals and new friends10/20/2014  2  
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Aphra Behn10/14/2014  6  
Sexiest Celebrity sex... come on we all like naked celebrity pics10/9/2014  5  
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Grandma's Giggles9/25/2014  15  
Ten worst gifts to buy a woman9/25/2014  2  
No matter WHERE9/21/2014  10  
 9/19/2014  0  
well hey there sexy! yeah you! *wink*8/31/2014  30  
life is beautiful/busy8/30/2014  2  
Please Just Hold Me...8/25/2014  4  
The Toy Box8/24/2014  6  
Fri8/22/2014  0  
I've never needed a Friday as badly as this!!8/22/2014  2  
stupid people8/20/2014  0  
Drink N Swap Swag8/9/2014  23  
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The Toy Box7/30/2014  5  
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Tied to a bed in the Ritz6/28/2014  4  
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