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super horny8/6/2017  0  
RASPBERRIES8/1/2017  12  
"Pool days... high tops... with my blue face... ice pops..." For the dancers that read me...7/25/2017  3  
It's too Hot To bake But....7/9/2017  9  
Party6/25/2017  4  
Harbor6/8/2017  0  
A Big Dick Means Nothing if Its Connected to a Bigger Dick...5/30/2017  5  
charlotte5/27/2017  0  
You've Got To Help Yourself5/24/2017  15  
The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows5/17/2017  5  
One bad apple5/5/2017  1  
Awakening 25/5/2017  0  
Meet # 65/4/2017  0  
The New Normal5/1/2017  2  
#29 Symposium- Hotels/motels --Reuniting Cuz It Feels Sooo Good! Part 54/30/2017  11  
Is it just me?4/29/2017  0  
A Thoroughly Filthy Threesome4/24/2017  0  
Potential Doms.4/18/2017  2  
Omens of woe and hope in henderson4/11/2017  0  
#29 Symposium- Hotels/motels --Reuniting Cuz It Feels Sooo Good! Part 24/7/2017  12  
#29 Symposium- Hotels/motels --Reuniting Cuz It Feels Sooo Good!4/6/2017  15  
I Guess Girls Just Don't Do IT for Me!!!4/4/2017  2  
Back In The Hood4/3/2017  2  
15th Ave. party3/25/2017  0  
My kinky mind.3/19/2017  0  
Looking for girls to fuck bareback ;-)3/19/2017  1  
AdultFriendFinder's 1st Adult Cooking Show!! Tune in!!!3/18/2017  23  
Pavlov IS Alpha Diggity Dawg3/18/2017  1  
Call Me Marabel3/17/2017  10  
strangely fearless3/15/2017  0  
Free Gold Membership... Pic included3/8/2017  11  
Red Headed Kryptonite3/6/2017  3  
"Tell Me Chyld"2/24/2017  2  
Ursula: My Dominant Lover2/23/2017  1  
A Night of Gigantic Cocks (A Gay Fantasy Story)2/8/2017  2  
CELEBRATION DAYS Part 22/2/2017  3  
Irish Coffee It Is Still Cold Out Today1/25/2017  10  
PAINFUL1/1/2017  0  
To do to stay cool for you i run to be true to you12/19/2016  0  
No Laughing Gas = Whipped cream shortage -- for real!12/15/2016  5  
Out to Sea12/7/2016  5  
Dreaming11/16/2016  2  
Facts about Blow-jobs..11/9/2016  16  
...In Which Ginger Goes For The Top11/8/2016  4  
Kinky sex lifts our consciousness into a heightened state of “flow,” according to a new study11/6/2016  0  
#24 Symposium: Things I am Thankful For11/6/2016  15  
Woman Whisperer10/16/2016  23  
Another slow week10/14/2016  8  
Night of Gigantic Cocks10/9/2016  3  
Night of Gigantic Cocks10/5/2016  1