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Most People Don't Get Me!1/21/2021  0  
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Domination Fantasy Intro1/14/2021  5  
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Bored1/8/2021  0  
Things are just weird.1/6/2021  2  
20201/6/2021  0  
Fantasy with a couple1/2/2021  0  
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playing with toys12/29/2020  0  
M.F.M Requirements12/15/2020  0  
What does it take?12/11/2020  0  
Christmas lights – Next year, I’ll be going out of town12/10/2020  2  
Is my Dinah-Moe Humm out there?12/8/2020  0  
Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw w/pics12/4/2020  4  
First time I Fucked someone11/22/2020  0  
KC - Strand Theater During Covid11/20/2020  0  
the teasing..11/17/2020  10  
Wanted to....11/15/2020  3  
Awoke with a tune playing in my head....11/14/2020  5  
my first spit roast11/10/2020  0  
Hard sell11/9/2020  2  
"She carries the moon on her lips, Swallows confessions, Knowing that kiss looks for a connection"11/8/2020  3  
Open Bar Creampies...11/7/2020  5  
Impossible to Reply to IMs :(11/3/2020  2  
First Adult Bookstore Experience10/27/2020  3  
Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure10/26/2020  0  
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virgin ass turns into fwb arrangement10/17/2020  0  
A cam conundrum10/15/2020  0  
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How to get cuckolded Pt 210/12/2020  2  
Tim and Abbie 30: Meanwhile, between Les and Phoebe10/9/2020  0  
Ugh10/9/2020  0  
He followed me9/27/2020  0  
**Dating Tips During The Pandemic One**9/23/2020  12  
Guys with female profiles9/21/2020  0  
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Back to my shenanigans..9/4/2020  0  
Scream by Usher9/4/2020  5  
BEST advice for both SINGLE & COUPLES on Profile pics and how to succeed using ONLINE profiles8/26/2020  1  
BEST advice for both SINGLE & COUPLES on Profile pics and how to succeed using ONLINE profiles8/26/2020  0