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For The Love of Dog11/24/2020  6  
A true story- A night to remember11/24/2020  0  
Late Night Hike11/23/2020  0  
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Covid-19 found to cause special symptoms in men under age 3011/22/2020  0  
CD n SKC missouri looking to be abused mostly from behind11/20/2020  0  
Perfect11/19/2020  4  
Some Erotic Scenes11/18/2020  0  
Better internet and a kill for the win11/18/2020  17  
No longer enough...11/18/2020  0  
the teasing..11/17/2020  10  
I need to be manhandled and abused11/16/2020  5  
can we place a blog about what we want done11/15/2020  2  
Not what I'd hoped11/14/2020  18  
Perfectly Poised Precision.11/13/2020  2  
my story thus far11/12/2020  0  
Amorous Call w/pics11/12/2020  9  
First Sessions11/11/2020  0  
Just a few thoughts about unity, freedom, and applying policies to our own lives.11/11/2020  0  
Good Girl11/11/2020  5  
Discs in the dark11/10/2020  2  
Another Year, But Secretly Sexy Now11/9/2020  7  
Outdoorsy11/8/2020  0  
Teal11/7/2020  4  
so it's a trade11/7/2020  0  
A mind is a terrible thing to waste11/6/2020  0  
Cemetery Obsessed ...11/5/2020  7  
Anything goes just enjoy me11/4/2020  0  
S\\<ull Pepper Pot Roast and ppppfffftttt.11/2/2020  0  
Ode to my therapist11/2/2020  2  
Borrowed not my story11/1/2020  0  
Hubbys Bar Slut...10/30/2020  5  
Late coming home10/29/2020  4  
On Today's Episode of 'What Could Go Wrong??'10/28/2020  12  
First Adult Bookstore Experience10/27/2020  3  
Park here for romance10/26/2020  1  
just playin 'round10/23/2020  0  
5 Elements of a Successful Zoom Meeting10/22/2020  12  
One Fucking Step Further10/22/2020  0  
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 6 of 710/22/2020  0  
Billy goes to Florida10/21/2020  7  
Reflections - 202010/21/2020  1  
His Summons10/21/2020  0  
The Stag and Vixen10/20/2020  12  
In Need of Well-rounded Online Playmate10/14/2020  3  
Here I am what happens is up to you!10/13/2020  0  
Here I am what happens is up to you!10/13/2020  0  
Tim and Abbie 33: Abbie changes her identity10/12/2020  0  
A forbidden love.10/11/2020  2  
Fucking wtf where am I wtf what is happening to this world lmao10/8/2020  4  
Time to spare10/6/2020  2