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Another Holiday Approaching...UGH11/23/2020  1  
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Mutual Understanding11/20/2020  8  
Second Wind11/14/2020  25  
Perfectly Poised Precision.11/13/2020  2  
my story thus far11/12/2020  0  
Hey gang11/10/2020  25  
Sleeping Wife Gangbang Followup11/10/2020  0  
Castration or estrogen11/8/2020  0  
I'm disgusted and upset.11/8/2020  5  
Looking for a cutter11/3/2020  0  
My First Friends-with-Benefits Experience11/1/2020  6  
A Life Worth Living10/31/2020  0  
The Architect10/28/2020  4  
With You10/28/2020  0  
No mans land10/26/2020  0  
** Get Your Bonus Greasy Food On Today **10/25/2020  23  
Cock Blocking10/24/2020  12  
trump is popular with whom?10/23/2020  13  
So much to learn I know this !10/21/2020  0  
My job is to please a guy10/20/2020  0  
The way I talk10/15/2020  0  
The way I talk10/15/2020  0  
A story for Summer10/12/2020  0  
Keeping it Real...10/11/2020  2  
SUNDAY CHUCKLE10/11/2020  2  
So I’m asked all the time why?10/6/2020  0  
So what you into baby?10/5/2020  0  
Blank Canvas10/3/2020  0  
seeking married or attached women10/3/2020  0  
Guys I know what you want10/1/2020  0  
I was so hopeful9/27/2020  1  
Everyone is the same!9/27/2020  1  
Everything I do moves me closer to pleasing you9/23/2020  0  
You're Not the Best...9/21/2020  26  
Break time.9/21/2020  3  
Quote Of The Day: 9-21-209/21/2020  4  
Happy When I Get Tipped9/21/2020  1  
The Friday break up…or not!9/15/2020  4  
So I’m just the same as many other I know that9/13/2020  0  
Frustrated9/12/2020  3  
WE MET IN THE PARK9/11/2020  1  
Frustrated9/10/2020  0  
so i just desire a guy using me9/9/2020  0  
Frustrated with your efforts to get 'laid'? ...trump ladies are your salvation9/8/2020  21  
Read my profile before we chat please9/7/2020  0  
AdultFriendFinder success9/3/2020  0  
Dumb College Guys Girl Teach Man On Man9/2/2020  0  
Do I have my cherry popped or not?8/30/2020  0