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Free..and getting happier about it.11/24/2020  2  
Tired but can't sleep....11/23/2020  2  
First time I Fucked someone11/22/2020  0  
Birthday gangbang 201911/22/2020  0  
Birthday gangbang 201911/22/2020  0  
Birthday Wishes, part 211/22/2020  0  
They only like me for...11/22/2020  14  
Sigh....11/22/2020  0  
New Years concluded....11/22/2020  2  
Voyeur Hiding in my Closet11/21/2020  2  
So, where was I....11/20/2020  4  
Man is better than a toy11/20/2020  7  
Breaking Her Own Rules11/19/2020  13  
Up For It11/19/2020  0  
Sorry folks no time to blog today...11/19/2020  4  
Drunk Fucking Ain't Worth a Damn. It's true11/18/2020  11  
Some Erotic Scenes11/18/2020  0  
WetDay Wednesday!11/18/2020  6  
Packed to the gills....11/18/2020  8  
Better internet and a kill for the win11/18/2020  17  
So...what are your plans for New Years?11/17/2020  3  
Pie....11/16/2020  4  
My profile11/15/2020  2  
Wanted to....11/15/2020  3  
What to have a Awesome NaughtyXXX Party in Spartanburg, SC11/15/2020  0  
Not what I'd hoped11/14/2020  18  
Another Weekend11/14/2020  0  
Awoke with a tune playing in my head....11/14/2020  5  
I am Really Horny But not that Horny And Sex Toy are Expensive Part two!11/13/2020  0  
Day Two – The beat down.11/13/2020  2  
Perfectly Poised Precision.11/13/2020  2  
Chuck is gone.....11/13/2020  3  
I have never been in a submarine.11/11/2020  1  
Careful whispers11/11/2020  3  
Uploaded My First Video11/11/2020  0  
Odd dream....11/11/2020  4  
Who wears squirt squirts11/10/2020  0  
Happy Tittie Tuesday Everyone!11/10/2020  6  
Netflix and chill....11/10/2020  3  
My wife is accidentally exposted and didn't know it11/9/2020  0  
Iso of Swinger couple near Spartanburg,SC11/9/2020  0  
Iso of Swinger couple near Spartanburg,SC11/9/2020  0  
Got it done....11/9/2020  4  
My first hotwife experience11/8/2020  13  
Ms. Taylor11/8/2020  1  
COVID isolation induced sexual fantasies and crazy thoughts11/8/2020  5  
This morning - waking up slowly, sensually and pleasurably!11/8/2020  5  
It Wasn't Me by Shaggy w/pics11/8/2020  6  
I was just going to lay down for an hour or so...11/8/2020  3  
Pumped and Piss11/7/2020  0