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What do you miss most about PRE Covid life1/15/2021  0  
Lonely in Idaho1/9/2021  0  
20201/6/2021  0  
Delicious Eye Candy1/5/2021  0  
Private DJ1/3/2021  0  
Rapture by Blondie w/pics1/1/2021  6  
New Year's Eve and how to know when you've had too much to drink...12/31/2020  7  
Lighters12/30/2020  1  
Ode to the New Year12/30/2020  3  
dry spell.....12/30/2020  0  
series of blog posts on meeting people12/30/2020  6  
Sitting in a little beach bar.12/30/2020  3  
Thinking with his dick12/28/2020  4  
28 July 201212/27/2020  0  
Our first foray into swinging12/27/2020  2  
seconds~~~~~~12/20/2020  7  
Interacting With TG/CD/TS/Shemale or LGBTQ+ Folks12/18/2020  0  
Key West in the Rearview....12/13/2020  4  
Finally we get some potitical results!!!12/9/2020  15  
Travel Day.....12/7/2020  3  
ARRGH MATEY...12/3/2020  13  
Tired of Corona11/29/2020  7  
Poem from an ICU Nurse I Know11/26/2020  15  
No lock down...but....11/25/2020  6  
BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Covid-19 found to cause special symptoms in men under age 3011/22/2020  0  
Dr. Fauci advice11/22/2020  1  
**New Holiday BONUS Desserts For Thanksgiving**11/21/2020  18  
It’s getting old11/19/2020  0  
My First Time ...11/19/2020  12  
🌮😋👩‍❤‍💋‍👩2️⃣ Senager11/16/2020  9  
Click here for my profile text since it keeps getting denied11/13/2020  0  
Click here for my profile text since it keeps getting denied11/13/2020  0  
Click here for my profile text since it keeps getting denied11/13/2020  0  
View of ALBERTA this is a long read but11/13/2020  9  
T'was the night before Christmas11/10/2020  3  
And so it begins11/8/2020  1  
Open Bar Creampies...11/7/2020  5  
A Taste of Honey.11/7/2020  6  
Joy To The World by Three Dog Night w/pics11/4/2020  8  
Check Yes of No by George Strait w/pics11/4/2020  4  
Old Times11/2/2020  6  
Adam Sandler " Turkey Song" Versus Arlo Guthrie11/1/2020  9  
DC pubs and eateries are going into covid hibernation10/30/2020  4  
Lockdown and Locked Out10/29/2020  12  
Ephie Story10/28/2020  0  
Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure10/26/2020  0  
Let it go (Keyshia Cole)10/25/2020  0  
...In Which Ginger Gets Out Again10/24/2020  13  
Getting into the Lifestyle - wtf were we thinking10/22/2020  1  
Reminiscing innocence10/22/2020  4