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Expectations and pressure to be perfect10/19/2021  2  
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I GUESS That’s Why It’s Called a Cold10/11/2021  13  
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What Is Love9/25/2021  0  
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Sex, Drugs, Dildos and Rock n Roll: The MEET-UP!9/21/2021  4  
My1st time9/21/2021  4  
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Copy of my current profile here on AdultFriendFinder8/31/2021  0  
Microdosing8/28/2021  20  
Las Vegas.sex drugs and cash YOLO8/17/2021  0  
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About Me8/10/2021  0  
Future8/9/2021  2  
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Your Hidden Passion Revealed To You8/5/2021  1  
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Anal Play Date, the Married Lady7/14/2021  1  
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Knowing What You Need and Want6/27/2021  8  
I love it6/25/2021  1  
Hotel Hopping6/11/2021  10  
A boring trip to Nashville.6/10/2021  1  
Our Profile / Contact Us6/4/2021  24  
looking for daytime hookup6/4/2021  0  
Hours of pleasure? "How do y'all make it last THAT long?"6/2/2021  0  
I want the people that do drugs n fuck I think the only people to meat me5/19/2021  0  
Treating transwomen5/17/2021  0  
Traveling to Virginia in June5/16/2021  0  
Traveling to Virginia in June5/16/2021  0  
Traveling to Virginia in June5/16/2021  0  
Older guy hard sell for younger girlfriend5/14/2021  1  
"...Then You Really Might Know What It's Like..."5/6/2021  2  
208idacpl’s4/22/2021  1  
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Muggles4/16/2021  0  
Dating in the Digital World4/16/2021  0  
Pro Tip - "Junkies" and "Addicts"4/13/2021  0  
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Q&A Time... Yes, I stole this concept...4/9/2021  0