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Unrequited Infatuations10/4/2021  4  
Heavenly thoughts on a Monday9/20/2021  6  
Dumped Again9/17/2021  6  
SELF DISCOVERY9/13/2021  0  
Magical Times and Threesomes8/15/2021  3  
**Fun Friday BONUS Trivia**1/8/2021  9  
Caution steps into the new year12/28/2020  1  
Th Van In The Park Man On Man9/17/2020  0  
Philia. Storge. Ludus. Pragma. Mania. Philautia. Agape. And Eros.8/19/2020  0  
"I'd like to have some time with you My hand, your lips, my head, your grip..."8/8/2020  3  
Ass infatuation4/5/2020  14  
Lipslip and ass infatuation?4/1/2020  12  
Infatuation may not be the right word3/31/2020  0  
Just another fantasy come true2/13/2020  3  
So Easy For Me To Leap A Poem2/12/2020  9  
The Suffering Could Be Severe A Poem9/21/2019  4  
Infatuation with older men9/18/2019  6  
Disengage My Dreams Of You A Poem9/15/2019  3  
Have you ever fallen in and out of love 10 times in 45 mins...9/13/2019  6  
My Muse Is Love A Poem9/11/2019  4  
"If this is all we're living for... Why aren't we doing it, doing it, doing it anymore..."8/30/2019  4  
Fascination With The Brady Men A Poem7/22/2019  4  
Should I Write A Book A Poem7/8/2019  4  
Spare The Reader A Poem7/2/2019  3  
November Rain7/2/2019  2  
I have a daddy complex and I love it :)6/19/2019  6  
I may put you on a pedestal I'm not your fall from grace Maybe I luv the pain Maybe I luv the chase6/14/2019  7  
My Inner Turmoil About Him A Poem6/1/2019  4  
Merle and Mildred3/13/2019  13  
Learned From The Past A Poem2/27/2019  3  
"I could never push rewind and erase... but, at least, I know now that it wasn't a phase..."1/13/2019  4  
"My fave singers reading my posts... I proclaimed my eternal love for Hannah Reid..." - I luv her!!!12/28/2018  3  
ED Enchantment12/25/2018  0  
Should we scoff at the idea of love at first sight?12/2/2018  1  
"Meet me in this space... away from your fears... There's something about us... within..."11/28/2018  4  
E026: Tuesday evening reading11/8/2018  1  
Shun10/24/2018  0  
Is it cheating if you proclaim your eternal love to three different women at the same time?10/15/2018  11  
Have you ever fallen in and out of love 10 times in 45 mins...10/3/2018  9  
buttered toast9/27/2018  4  
The Sometime Secretary8/17/2018  0  
Would you like to play a game ?8/6/2018  5  
"Take what you need, we disappear We gonna take a boat to the end of the world You and me together"6/24/2018  3  
Ask Me a Question3/21/2018  12  
Our encounter2/26/2018  0  
Bend over and spread your cheeks - the subtle art of erotic photography1/8/2018  8  
"You want me to fix you - but it's never enough - That's why you always call me..."12/15/2017  3  
"Meet me in this space... away from your fears... There's something about us... within..."11/27/2017  3  
Tuesday Morning Musings10/31/2017  1  
"Stars spell out your name, like in a sci-fi drama. Romance growing, like a flower in the summer."9/28/2017  4