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An introduction phrase that describes you....10/17/2021  3  
How do you break the ice?10/16/2021  0  
Stepping up, voyeuristic or damaged goods9/28/2021  0  
Stepping up, voyeuristic or damaged goods9/28/2021  0  
Stepping up, voyeuristic or damaged goods9/28/2021  0  
Stepping up, voyeuristic or damaged goods9/28/2021  0  
What is wrong with me?9/18/2021  1  
“So clean so fresh”9/14/2021  4  
What is Second Life?9/12/2021  0  
Madcity Rob Introduction9/6/2021  0  
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New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!9/5/2021  1  
AdultFriendFinder chatter9/3/2021  2  
Copy of my current profile here on AdultFriendFinder8/31/2021  0  
What is your Type?8/23/2021  2  
She's Not My Type But Fuck; Part 2: At The Movies!8/9/2021  3  
RIGHT-SIDE UP?8/7/2021  0  
RIGHT-SIDE UP (AGAIN)?8/7/2021  0  
Look Closely7/30/2021  0  
Me7/28/2021  14  
Sometimes Things Just Suck.or ... Getting to Know Someone is Sometimes The Good, The Bad and ...7/22/2021  0  
My Profile for those who may not be able to read in full7/19/2021  2  
Scam Challenge7/16/2021  0  
Who is She?7/10/2021  4  
Tim and Abbie 65: Mark and Brian dine with Mark’s family7/7/2021  0  
Las Vegas Gathering7/6/2021  0  
My Long-Time Affair With My Full-Length, Deliciously Voyeuristic, Mirror, part 2 of 2.7/4/2021  2  
Safety first and foremost6/20/2021  0  
👄😻😲 Daddys Day6/20/2021  6  
Tim and Abbie 64: Followed by a visit to Wilde Peacock6/14/2021  1  
Taylor Swift's Acceptance Speech for NMPA Icon Award6/10/2021  0  
Introduction6/8/2021  0  
Member 154; Part Two, Lily in the Candy Store, OMG!6/4/2021  0  
Introduction6/3/2021  0  
.!. PERSONAL ADS IN THE FREE O.C. PAPER .!.5/30/2021  0  
ONE MAN’S JOURNEY!5/30/2021  2  
Thoughts on tattoos?5/30/2021  11  
Female profiles, how many fake?5/26/2021  4  
story ver 0.15/26/2021  0  
Bedtime story part 2 for kinky1foranother5/21/2021  2  
Tim and Abbie 59: Finishing off the weekends for the rest in attendance Friday night5/17/2021  0  
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Wow…22 Years Of Change…For The Worse!5/1/2021  3  
My first Male experience4/29/2021  1  
01 Jan 2015 (conclusion-1)4/22/2021  0  
What are some first you can't forget?4/20/2021  7  
Self Introduction4/18/2021  2  
Sacrificing Intimacy4/16/2021  12  
moist meadow4/9/2021  1