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I came, I saw, iPodded7/16/2020  0  
Fun quiet guy looking for a down to earth sexy fun girl to get to know better7/7/2020  0  
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I was warned, but a Blackmail was attempted.6/16/2020  8  
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Are You a Collector?6/8/2020  6  
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Is A Blog With No Purpose… Still A Blog?  *Site specific really hot sex pic included 😋5/26/2020  12  
Head Dr5/11/2020  8  
Pok(h)er Night5/3/2020  13  
My Psyho/Sexual needs continued4/21/2020  0  
My Duality4/19/2020  4  
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BUFFIN' THE MUFFIN4/14/2020  15  
slut on Parade4/4/2020  0  
Our meeting with a BDSM Unicorn3/23/2020  4  
Can't stop cumming3/6/2020  5  
Slurp3/6/2020  0  
Choke the chicken before the date and other bogus tales about sex?3/2/2020  3  
Hot Choke2/21/2020  7  
Valentine's Day2/13/2020  0  
Fuck my throat1/31/2020  3  
Recruiting Secrets1/20/2020  4  
Stillcuriouslyh part 1 Fiction12/18/2019  4  
Got me a toy!12/2/2019  1  
Post modern perverts12/1/2019  0  
Sunday Brunch11/20/2019  0  
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An Orgasmic Uber Ride11/10/2019  0  
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Im a freak11/5/2019  3  
How do men feel about sexually submissive women?11/3/2019  9  
Halloween11/2/2019  0  
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If you're gonna do a closeup on cam...10/25/2019  29  
What's with all this face fucking then?10/24/2019  4  
the hottest cock i ever sucked10/22/2019  1  
BBC Breeding...10/22/2019  3  
same time same place10/18/2019  0  
Owned by a Young Stud - Blackmail - Part 210/17/2019  2  
E109: Donald begins telling about his former subjects: Tuesday afternoon9/23/2019  0  
Think on this.... ;)9/6/2019  2  
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Welcome home (Part I)9/1/2019  8  
Curiosity in Crossdressing: First time in Panties8/29/2019  1