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So I have this fantasy10/13/2021  3  
Crazy fantasy!10/10/2021  2  
Daddy took me to a hotel10/7/2021  0  
Finally an effective Punishment...10/4/2021  0  
Finally Realizing I was No Longer Bi Curious10/4/2021  0  
I am a very willing submissive!9/22/2021  0  
I am a very willing submissive!9/21/2021  0  
Dom/sub9/13/2021  0  
summer is long and 35 fires burn around us & the air sux9/7/2021  0  
My Hands Have An Addiction9/5/2021  6  
New Year’s Eve Party – A Lesbian Fuck Fest!9/5/2021  1  
Visiting A friend In Maryland9/2/2021  0  
Fantasy Meeting8/30/2021  1  
How I met Red...8/29/2021  3  
My idea of what to wear when giving a world class blowjob! UPDATED!8/22/2021  5  
Running in the rain8/18/2021  2  
Searching for my One8/18/2021  0  
We broke my pussy - again!8/13/2021  5  
It Had Taken So Long...7/30/2021  0  
Give this a try and let me know what you think.7/28/2021  3  
Meet #87/27/2021  1  
Music quiz - Months7/25/2021  8  
Fuck toy 17/15/2021  0  
A bet on the 10th of July7/10/2021  7  
Coffee Date6/29/2021  1  
Erotic Story - The Picnic6/18/2021  0  
Breathless6/18/2021  2  
Tim and Abbie 64: Followed by a visit to Wilde Peacock6/14/2021  1  
Tim and Abbie 62: The celebration at Peter and Sarah’s house6/12/2021  1  
A Christmas Day Of Fun5/25/2021  1  
Collars and leashes5/18/2021  3  
Why I Enjoy Sharing Sophia - The Gentlemans Private Club5/17/2021  2  
MY GIRLS FANTASY!5/5/2021  0  
A Rainy Summer Afternoon (part 2)5/3/2021  5  
My first sub5/1/2021  0  
April 28 - Thomas4/29/2021  3  
My Big Sexual Fantasy Dream (because it was too long to fit in the "additional questions" section)4/26/2021  0  
Con joya y collar de RocioAlta4/26/2021  3  
-- Doloroso día --4/23/2021  2  
01 Jan 2015 (conclusion-1)4/22/2021  0  
FICTION: Our Mid-day Reprieve4/20/2021  1  
Sexting and wallpaper--keep the fire burning4/9/2021  1  
Taken...3/27/2021  0  
The First Post…took me three weeks3/26/2021  0  
Possible rules in my relationship3/25/2021  0  
Kitten Confessions: Other Doms in a fantasy world.... The kitten is more than meets the eye!3/23/2021  2  
Fears of isolation and the life that was3/21/2021  3  
Sophia's Been Our Guest3/17/2021  7  
The Rendezvous3/17/2021  0  
First story3/17/2021  0