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The Marlboro Man3/1/2021  1  
Forced to suck her new friend3/1/2021  0  
older than me but such fun to have2/26/2021  0  
Looking good naked2/25/2021  0  
Two Fingers in the Air2/24/2021  2  
Dish from an Ex Who's Now on the Sites2/24/2021  3  
Fake Spring2/23/2021  0  
Summer of 3692/23/2021  2  
St Patrick's Day Is Coming2/23/2021  15  
Cartoon Classic.. Guy walks into his Bar with boxed Singing Frog...2/20/2021  0  
Sweet Home Alabama: they dont have a clue what's comin'2/19/2021  13  
Sweet Home Alabama: they dont have a clue what's comin'2/19/2021  9  
Just use me already, please2/18/2021  0  
Strange Correlations and a New Perspective2/18/2021  4  
Open Bar Thursday!2/18/2021  3  
👅👄 Dia Del Vino2/18/2021  7  
Why do I love to eat you?2/16/2021  0  
A first for the white woman2/15/2021  3  
And the Next Holiday is...2/14/2021  6  
Taking Chances, Getting Sucked2/8/2021  0  
Superbowl…Super fail.2/8/2021  1  
gripping out at life2/8/2021  3  
During or After Super Bowl party on Monday!2/8/2021  4  
Robbie the Sadist2/6/2021  3  
Her worst date….ever…part 2.2/6/2021  1  
I made a spur of the moment trip up to Denton, Tx2/1/2021  2  
Fantasies2/1/2021  0  
Double the fun1/29/2021  1  
A Nice Fantasy1/26/2021  1  
Ups and Down1/25/2021  3  
Older Men1/25/2021  0  
Ex wife first DAP...1/25/2021  0  
7 Sept 2013 (conclusion)1/23/2021  0  
SEX DURING COVID1/22/2021  0  
**** It's All About Being Cheesy ****1/19/2021  19  
Wake up1/17/2021  0  
Things I Did Today1/16/2021  10  
What Do You Drink?1/16/2021  14  
finally.....my first full experience with another man1/11/2021  0  
Some of my opinions are just opinions. Some aren't so just.1/6/2021  0  
Old pictures1/4/2021  5  
Second Post in 2 Days??!!1/2/2021  9  
We return you now to yesteryear12/31/2020  4  
New Years Eve12/31/2020  13  
Pretending to be asleep12/29/2020  0  
Amazing Pub Arvo12/29/2020  0  
**Some Great Drinks For A HNYE**12/29/2020  16  
My friend Tuffy12/28/2020  0  
The Pansexual12/26/2020  0