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A Day of Fun9/18/2020  0  
TRUE STORY FROM MADDOG1995 "AdultFriendFinder SAVED MY LIFE!"9/18/2020  0  
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Guys aren't the only Ones9/17/2020  4  
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Th Van In The Park Man On Man9/17/2020  0  
Only guarantee in life is that life changes9/17/2020  0  
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not a sex blog9/17/2020  20  
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Chance Encounter to a Regular Thing9/16/2020  1  
Started Chatting with 47 yr old lady last night9/16/2020  1  
I just want to sex crazy!9/15/2020  2  
Revenge profile yikes!9/14/2020  0  
A interesting question9/14/2020  8  
fun9/14/2020  0  
We go all night baby F what they say, Never let them come between what we got Is u with me or u not9/13/2020  4  
Talking to this 70yr old lady.9/13/2020  2  
Meet a second lady Labor Day afternoon 41 yr old9/13/2020  0  
DISTRACTIONS...9/12/2020  7  
Flight During and After Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
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Bartender My First Crush9/12/2020  0  
Waking to Seduction9/12/2020  2  
Seduced to perform my first bisexual act9/11/2020  0  
WE MET IN THE PARK9/11/2020  0  
WE MET IN THE PARK9/11/2020  0  
Fantasy meet9/11/2020  0  
Part 29/9/2020  0  
What is our understanding of Involuntary Celibacy (Incel)9/9/2020  3  
Tim and Abbie 16: What the fashion show leads to9/8/2020  0  
Confessions of a Good Girl9/8/2020  4  
Here, There & Everywhere9/8/2020  6  
The Fakes and Flakes9/8/2020  0  
The Next Morning9/8/2020  1  
Ill get some pics that aren't blurry. Sorry9/7/2020  0  
Immediacy9/7/2020  7  
Don’t worry your pretty little head.... 😑9/7/2020  10  
A fantasy (Sandy)9/7/2020  0  
Photo in the Park9/6/2020  0  
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