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Favorite fantasy9/23/2020  3  
Fantasy (A play, appetizers, and desert)9/23/2020  0  
Using our wise minds9/22/2020  2  
Juan de Fuca, 20069/22/2020  0  
Atlanta Deal For Construction Man On Man9/21/2020  0  
My Gorgeous Wife's New Lover, a cuckold's fantasy9/20/2020  0  
Ladies night9/19/2020  3  
Tell your story9/19/2020  0  
It's a vacation, which rhymes with exploration.9/18/2020  3  
A Day of Fun9/18/2020  0  
**** It's Time For Some Bonus Fun Friday Trivia ****9/18/2020  13  
All you need to know...for now.9/18/2020  0  
I really enjoy it when men stop what they are doing just to look at me, my neighbor loves too..9/17/2020  9  
A Delicious Blowjob, 20069/17/2020  1  
The Tom Event Part 1 and 2 Man On Man Plus9/17/2020  0  
Dating an older Man9/17/2020  16  
PANTIES9/16/2020  0  
The Friday break up…or not!9/15/2020  4  
🖥🖱🎬 So, what a bout it?9/15/2020  7  
And now for something completely different .......9/13/2020  4  
Compersion9/13/2020  0  
AdultFriendFinder in the real world?9/13/2020  2  
WE FOUND GAY ORGY PIX9/12/2020  0  
Leather Daddy Boy In Training Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
Flight During and After Man On Man9/12/2020  0  
New orgy pix 1-10 (wow)9/12/2020  1  
grand prize award winner9/12/2020  0  
Cock Sucking 101 for Dummies9/11/2020  3  
Center of Attention?9/11/2020  11  
Good Morning!9/10/2020  0  
Great weekend9/8/2020  0  
Some Smiles for a Tuesday evening, some of you need it!!9/8/2020  15  
Feeling a 'lil Midlife Crisis a brewing!9/8/2020  12  
When a Tuesday feels like Monday...9/8/2020  3  
After the Bbq9/7/2020  0  
in need of fun9/7/2020  0  
The noise...9/7/2020  5  
Best Friend's Fantasy9/6/2020  0  
A Wonderful Memory9/6/2020  2  
Labor Day weekend 2005/ in the time of Covid 20209/5/2020  0  
Day 22 — I walked again today...9/5/2020  4  
Room 1235 Chronicles August Edition aka The Front Porch9/4/2020  8  
Hangin out9/4/2020  1  
Music and Paint Man On Man Story9/3/2020  0  
A Night In9/2/2020  0  
Aroused...9/2/2020  1  
how this started9/2/2020  0  
A Great Fuck!9/1/2020  0  
Saved by Drunk Redneck And Wife Man on Man9/1/2020  0