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Faith In Tomorrow11/27/2020  3  
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When you are approached by an ugly woman11/12/2020  8  
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She had me cornered in the coatroom11/9/2020  2  
My first hotwife experience11/8/2020  13  
Castration or estrogen11/8/2020  0  
"She carries the moon on her lips, Swallows confessions, Knowing that kiss looks for a connection"11/8/2020  3  
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My Addiction to Porn Bots11/1/2020  0  
The Homeless Man10/31/2020  0  
First Adult Bookstore Experience10/27/2020  3  
Let it go (Keyshia Cole)10/25/2020  0  
House of the Rising Sun by the Animals w/pics10/24/2020  3  
Peter and Paul10/24/2020  0  
Peter and Paul10/24/2020  0  
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Life as a White Bottom10/22/2020  1  
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**** BIkers and Body Organs ****10/12/2020  21  
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Sex story10/11/2020  0  
Musings on my Second Act10/11/2020  8  
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📚 🥂 The tunes10/7/2020  8