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Corona Dilemma11/28/2020  24  
Fall leaves11/28/2020  3  
Anyone in the Space Coast Florida area11/27/2020  0  
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Neighbor's Granddaughter11/23/2020  0  
Women Of The World11/20/2020  0  
A short little horror story . . . chapter 211/20/2020  2  
Bi Friendly Beaches in Florida Panhandle11/20/2020  0  
Cash11/18/2020  2  
Happily Married11/16/2020  0  
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**** Get Your Bonus With Your Favorite Fast Food ****11/15/2020  24  
What to have a Awesome NaughtyXXX Party in Spartanburg, SC11/15/2020  0  
The drudgery of the numbers will set you free11/12/2020  3  
Live11/11/2020  0  
Another Year, But Secretly Sexy Now11/9/2020  7  
Iso of Swinger couple near Spartanburg,SC11/9/2020  0  
Iso of Swinger couple near Spartanburg,SC11/9/2020  0  
8 Weeks in Hell; Wait, Make It 9...Someone Just Kill Me!11/1/2020  4  
Who Knew This!!!??10/31/2020  11  
Spring Hill Florida Fun10/27/2020  1  
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Keeping your Location a Secret10/17/2020  11  
*** It Spreads*** Where is Your State on 10/16/202010/16/2020  10  
real story from Craigslist..IT"S THE SAME DUDES HERE10/16/2020  0  
SUNDAY CHUCKLE10/11/2020  2  
A forbidden love.10/11/2020  2  
Spread Across America as of Sunday10/4/2020  5  
Excess deaths from Covid 1910/1/2020  4  
trump is Building the Most Visible Symbol of a Failed State9/28/2020  8  
Relaxing9/25/2020  0  
buscando vecinita por florida vte lopez9/13/2020  0  
Are We Having A National Sexual Kink Conversation?9/6/2020  18  
Fwb9/6/2020  0  
Hookup Transcript Sexting and Chat Too M4M9/2/2020  0  
Saved by Drunk Redneck And Wife Man on Man9/1/2020  0  
South Florida8/31/2020  3  
Relaxing8/31/2020  0  
Sunday Reflections 08/20/20208/30/2020  1  
Of Dementia, Drunkenness, Scammers, and Seven Figures8/29/2020  5  
ok so its been a coupel of days8/24/2020  0  
ok so its been a coupel of days8/24/2020  0  
Are you looking?8/24/2020  0  
Everything Is Big In Texas But...Man on Man8/20/2020  0  
Cum and play with me South Florida peeps8/14/2020  2  
Wonky Profile Solution8/11/2020  0  
Sunday Porn (Food Porn that is)8/9/2020  16  
HNW Summer (AKA Hair Quasi Miracle)8/5/2020  17