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Who likes to be watched, couples/singles?4/3/2020  9  
Post-Corona Virus Day Play!4/3/2020  0  
Tonight through the weekend4/2/2020  0  
Where4/2/2020  0  
How did I get here?4/1/2020  0  
Message Box for Standard Member4/1/2020  0  
The big slow down4/1/2020  0  
What's your favorite kinky thing to do?4/1/2020  0  
OC Daytime Couples/Single Ladies Hotel Play!4/1/2020  0  
Looking for females couples4/1/2020  0  
Mobile Phones3/31/2020  0  
Well we are in for it now, Condom Shortage!!!!!3/31/2020  12  
what will you do??3/31/2020  0  
Surprise Players3/30/2020  6  
Posting Number One3/30/2020  2  
Has the pandemic changed you?3/29/2020  8  
What do you like / think about the Bi-Sexual Lifestyle?3/29/2020  0  
Be safe3/29/2020  0  
Sunday fun if you’re down3/28/2020  0  
It's been too long3/28/2020  0  
Why is it so hard?3/28/2020  0  
Making changes...3/28/2020  0  
Skype3/27/2020  0  
Swinging3/26/2020  0  
NJ Cam show fun .3/25/2020  0  
Where are all the REAL COUPLES3/25/2020  0  
Swapin couples3/25/2020  0  
**** LETS VIDEO CHAT LIVE COUPLES******3/25/2020  0  
No luck finding sexy couples to play with on AdultFriendFinder3/24/2020  0  
Know what I like and prefer.3/24/2020  6  
Know what I like and prefer.3/24/2020  0  
Who looking to play.3/24/2020  2  
anyone ddf wanna play?prefer couples but as3/24/2020  0  
Married couples that include different men into play.3/23/2020  8  
VIRUS LOCKDOWN FOR 30DAYS!!!!3/22/2020  0  
I'm on an answering spree... and super-chatty3/21/2020  0  
My Dream Vacation part 63/21/2020  0  
time on my hands3/21/2020  1  
Couples hmu snapchat tawi_morcox20203/21/2020  0  
Summerish party3/19/2020  0  
Pendemic time of sex / Benefits /sex in the time of covid-193/19/2020  1  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act III)3/19/2020  2  
The Best Sex Advice a Man Can Learn3/19/2020  1  
My first experience with a Couple/Cuckold!!3/19/2020  1  
Postbox for Private Messages3/19/2020  1  
Showering3/19/2020  8  
Any females or couples?3/18/2020  0  
dbgolfn1131803/18/2020  1  
Male Only Meet on Wednesday March 18th3/17/2020  0