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Know Me My Love w/pics2/27/2021  4  
ONE OF THESE NIGHTS2/27/2021  24  
The What and Why about joining AdultFriendFinder2/26/2021  0  
Erotic Note / I like to write erotic poems2/26/2021  0  
i'll be your sissy wife Daddy2/26/2021  0  
BEST. SEX. EVER.2/25/2021  0  
The Story and Cover ups...????2/23/2021  0  
I want exciting exploration of spiritual desire for true understanding fulfilling genuine desire we2/23/2021  0  
Not sure my ideal guy is out there2/22/2021  0  
The Bitch In Me2/21/2021  2  
Tim and Abbie 41: Tim’s promotion2/21/2021  0  
this is me life is short2/20/2021  0  
My Mayan Princess w/pics2/20/2021  5  
I Am A Submissive Woman2/20/2021  9  
Give me a shot to plz you I'll shoot inside of you my instructress2/19/2021  0  
Live and Let Live2/17/2021  7  
Drugs, Cameras, Cumshot2/16/2021  0  
The Degrees of Sexual Incompatibility2/15/2021  5  
Can't Do It.2/13/2021  1  
Hidden Desires2/12/2021  0  
25 Oct 2014 (3)2/12/2021  0  
A cock sucking story2/12/2021  0  
Milf Thursday!2/11/2021  4  
Desires2/9/2021  0  
Keep w/pics2/9/2021  4  
Caregivers and loss of intimacy in their marriage2/7/2021  0  
Stranger in my Bed (a Fantasy)2/5/2021  8  
High Rise Masturbation2/5/2021  0  
More of my dirty past2/4/2021  0  
Within the Heart w/pics2/4/2021  4  
Mobile extreme sub looking for Tops no safe word looking for multi able hosts OF Start Up for Gold2/4/2021  1  
Just a guy who wants to meet ppl and share experiences of fulfilling desires2/2/2021  2  
Friends2/2/2021  0  
Worth the Risk2/1/2021  0  
Finding a Unicorn2/1/2021  2  
wake up a gurl2/1/2021  0  
Who Generates the Revenue in AdultFriendFinder?2/1/2021  0  
What I say is my simple likes and rules!2/1/2021  0  
Fantasy or Reality. or do you need both?1/31/2021  0  
~~~~ February Love Forecast ~~~~1/31/2021  19  
Intimacy and Aging1/31/2021  7  
The Gift1/30/2021  0  
life on the other side1/30/2021  0  
More honest here than in real life1/30/2021  0  
Virtual sex1/30/2021  0  
Virtual sex1/30/2021  0  
In The Rain, Within We Joyously Burn1/28/2021  2  
Are Men Really That Gullible?1/27/2021  0