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Volunteering at the senior center (excerpt)2/27/2021  3  
older than me but such fun to have2/26/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 45: As do other things2/26/2021  0  
Our First Weekend At CAE2/25/2021  0  
The dilemma2/25/2021  0  
BEST. SEX. EVER.2/25/2021  0  
Taking the first step; how to get started.2/24/2021  0  
There's a Difference2/24/2021  2  
Woman #32/24/2021  0  
Breakfast and Dessert part one.2/24/2021  1  
Our First time at paradise swings - Eskilstuna2/24/2021  0  
Kitchen Slut...2/24/2021  2  
Does this make me a strap on slut..??2/23/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 43: Abbie beside Tim at Microga2/23/2021  0  
Summer of 3692/23/2021  2  
She fell to her knees2/22/2021  1  
TS threesome surprise.2/22/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 41: Tim’s promotion2/21/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 40: Thursday dinner2/20/2021  0  
born into the wrong body2/19/2021  0  
Online fun2/19/2021  0  
I wish you were here2/19/2021  4  
A BAD DAY- BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY2/19/2021  28  
Her first time..2/19/2021  0  
Getting Started as a Single Male2/18/2021  0  
Strange Correlations and a New Perspective2/18/2021  4  
11 months later2/18/2021  0  
An Erotic Encounter2/17/2021  0  
Our first "Menage a Trois"♂️♀️♂️2/17/2021  1  
Why do I love to eat you?2/16/2021  0  
A little intimacy2/16/2021  4  
Squirting video added to our profile (First Time Squirter)2/16/2021  0  
First Time Bound & Gagged2/16/2021  0  
Feeling submissive and feminine2/16/2021  0  
Strange Place2/16/2021  0  
A first for the white woman2/15/2021  3  
First time in subspace2/15/2021  4  
Where do we go now?2/15/2021  0  
The Degrees of Sexual Incompatibility2/15/2021  5  
I'm amazed at all the fake profiles!2/15/2021  0  
Episode X: The First Time Out at the Hot tubs2/15/2021  8  
Wanted Quiche or Chicken Pot Pie what would Tommy Do??2/15/2021  0  
Halloween 20142/14/2021  0  
Sex Slave for another man.2/14/2021  2  
life changing events2/14/2021  0  
life changing events2/14/2021  0  
when someone projects their own personality on you2/14/2021  0  
Sometimes it starts with a Dream…2/13/2021  1