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Age difference2/27/2021  0  
Volunteering at the senior center (excerpt)2/27/2021  3  
Heatwave2/27/2021  0  
Too hot out of control2/27/2021  3  
Snow Blind-- original margin setup missing2/27/2021  0  
Horny in the country2/26/2021  0  
Erotic Note / I like to write erotic poems2/26/2021  0  
older than me but such fun to have2/26/2021  0  
Where would you fuck me first? / DONDE ME FOLLARIAN PRIMERO?2/26/2021  20  
not easy being green2/26/2021  0  
Message me2/26/2021  0  
comic.actor & survivor of covid-192/26/2021  0  
Beautiful light brown skin.2/25/2021  0  
cum fuck me2/25/2021  0  
A Naughty Encounter, part 32/25/2021  1  
Sharing his wife2/25/2021  0  
icecream2/25/2021  0  
The dilemma2/25/2021  0  
HMU2/25/2021  0  
Ache2/25/2021  2  
My biggest fantasy2/24/2021  5  
a tad sweet and with a hint of sour2/24/2021  5  
Forgive and forget?2/24/2021  6  
There's a Difference2/24/2021  2  
Hell...2/24/2021  6  
Who free to fuck and suck on me2/24/2021  1  
About me2/24/2021  2  
First Fuck2/24/2021  0  
Hey You!2/24/2021  12  
Why does it happen?2/24/2021  2  
I need someone who can suck my kitty and fuck me hard2/24/2021  0  
Kitchen Slut...2/24/2021  2  
Looking for that BWC2/24/2021  0  
Dish from an Ex Who's Now on the Sites2/24/2021  3  
Coming Soon "ScammerCon" Denver, 20222/23/2021  0  
That time again ... (journal entry)2/23/2021  1  
Just wanted to get some feed back2/23/2021  0  
Does this make me a strap on slut..??2/23/2021  0  
Devour me2/23/2021  0  
Come ride me. Let me tell you how I want to fuck you2/23/2021  0  
Been Gone. Thinking About Renewing Gold Membership2/23/2021  0  
Making love2/23/2021  0  
Soft cock2/23/2021  0  
Summer of 3692/23/2021  2  
Want to see me fuck my ass2/23/2021  0  
I want to fuck2/22/2021  0  
This Evening at the Dollar Store2/22/2021  4  
Finally2/22/2021  2  
Voyeur....2/22/2021  7  
Well I've had a horny ass morning XD2/22/2021  0