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What if we did this...4/5/2020  0  
Lock down4/4/2020  6  
slut on Parade4/4/2020  0  
It Began With a Kiss4/3/2020  2  
Welcome to the next level of JUMANJI4/3/2020  10  
Submissive Wife- Reminiscing Pt14/3/2020  2  
Slut on Deck4/3/2020  0  
The rent is due4/3/2020  1  
Ordinary World4/2/2020  0  
The one about the first threesome with my Girl [MFM]4/2/2020  0  
Autumn frolic4/2/2020  0  
Submissive Wife- Hubby's Sex Dungeon4/1/2020  2  
The big slow down4/1/2020  0  
Spaces... And The Barista... With the Beautiful Smile... 🌹3/31/2020  15  
Living with Frontotemporal dementia3/31/2020  0  
Imagination3/31/2020  2  
Still hanging in there, but on my way back home to Texas3/30/2020  0  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act IV )3/29/2020  1  
Day Nine of "Shelter"3/29/2020  0  
Getting to know you.3/29/2020  0  
Music quiz - Stop and Go3/29/2020  7  
Wal Mart and Shopping$$$ Help Food Banks3/28/2020  11  
Ignorance3/28/2020  0  
The Exciting Ways to Fuck and Get Fucked in Novelty.3/28/2020  1  
The coronavirus. Take a deep breathe people this is not the only pandemic and being safe! Hmmm?3/27/2020  0  
camzoom3/27/2020  0  
Things for future reference! 😳3/27/2020  2  
**** Tmptrzz's Weekly Trivia ****3/27/2020  10  
I sure am missing3/25/2020  8  
Catching up3/24/2020  4  
Submissive Wife- The Party Slut!3/21/2020  2  
Why You Shouldn't Go To Your Friend's House While Social Distancing3/21/2020  0  
Love and Warmth In Trying Times3/21/2020  2  
Kinky Anyone?3/21/2020  0  
I CREATED A GROUP!!3/19/2020  5  
Please help: Gangbang for bbw wanted3/18/2020  5  
So far...3/18/2020  0  
Self isolation3/18/2020  4  
COVID-19: Members Take Precautions3/17/2020  4  
What story did You hear ?3/16/2020  0  
Keep the heid.........3/15/2020  12  
Hermit Mode Activated3/14/2020  14  
Bloomington, MN - Fun part 13/14/2020  0  
Time of Uncertainty3/14/2020  0  
central california sex group3/13/2020  0  
Play day.3/13/2020  2  
This is flash fiction. It is NOT an opinion piece. I hope you find it mildly erotic.3/13/2020  0  
Does this mean I can't gangbang right now?3/13/2020  2  
Jennifer Hopes3/12/2020  4  
**** Tmptrzz's Weekly Trivia ****3/12/2020  12