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HNW - Not Outdoors7/8/2020  11  
Backing Up The Blog7/8/2020  0  
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The Feminine Divine7/6/2020  0  
My Promised Commentary on Kathy's Last Posting of 6/237/6/2020  0  
Lowcountry nudist7/6/2020  0  
Post your WhatsApp number to do a group7/6/2020  0  
So what's a horny couple to do on a hot day?7/6/2020  6  
Post your WhatsApp number to do a group7/6/2020  0  
Self thoughts...7/6/2020  3  
A busy night at PIH..7/6/2020  0  
Fourth of July, Wasn’t my night on so many levels. #00067/5/2020  0  
And the Truth has Made Me Free...7/5/2020  0  
Music quiz - A mixed bag #927/5/2020  9  
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Homemade Amateur Porn Movies7/4/2020  0  
The experimental little sex party (again today)?7/3/2020  0  
Your Body, Your Touch7/3/2020  5  
Hey everyone7/2/2020  0  
Not Right In The Head7/1/2020  2  
Whats been going on :)7/1/2020  0  
Fantasy Finished ... No Excuses7/1/2020  0  
Dogging in the Bulkley Valley7/1/2020  0  
MMM or group7/1/2020  0  
Donald Trump7/1/2020  6  
An Election Day success7/1/2020  2  
I have that effect6/30/2020  2  
This TOKEN USE only makes a site a grave yard.6/30/2020  0  
Monday's most favorite music!6/29/2020  3  
Join us in chat6/26/2020  0  
I love being played with6/26/2020  0  
I'm looking for someone who open minded preferable bi6/25/2020  0  
before meetin after call and e mail yes get it6/24/2020  1  
Tuesday, June 23, 20206/23/2020  0  
I like to call myself a professional traveler6/22/2020  1  
Online dating__It's not just for fat chick validation anymore.6/21/2020  0  
Profile6/21/2020  7  
A list of my Fantasies6/21/2020  0  
done gone crazy6/20/2020  9  
Group of 2 or more wanted6/20/2020  2  
Only big dicks6/20/2020  0  
The Naked Hiker is Born.6/20/2020  0  
Multiple creampies6/20/2020  5  
Learning curve6/19/2020  8  
Tribal Tendencies6/19/2020  0  
Would You or Could You?6/18/2020  12  
Wednesday Trivials6/17/2020  8  
The Sanctity of Non-Monogamy6/17/2020  0  
**** It Was A Good Run ****6/17/2020  21