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The Cowboy6/28/2020  1  
how to make a boring driving exciting.6/28/2020  0  
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My first Blog my Friends Mum!6/26/2020  0  
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When the patio is the new parking lot....6/26/2020  6  
Day 2 into the 4 day weekend....6/26/2020  10  
My High School Teacher Deserved a Spanking6/25/2020  0  
Wet Wednesday (6/25/2020)6/25/2020  4  
Just how good is a mask, or what are we wearing them for?6/24/2020  15  
Wild Thing6/24/2020  13  
Lunch anyone? :D6/23/2020  2  
Midnight Snack Part 1💋6/23/2020  1  
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Paying for a Trip to the Beach6/23/2020  3  
Catching Up6/22/2020  8  
Chronicles of an Asian Hot-wife re: the beginning6/22/2020  1  
There Are Different Kinds of Great Fathers6/21/2020  9  
Unexpected Orgasm in Strange Places6/21/2020  3  
Explosive orgasm in the shower6/21/2020  22  
Happy Fathers Day & Happy No Parents Day!!!6/21/2020  0  
A special friend!6/20/2020  0  
SATURDAY'S SONG - WOMEN6/20/2020  16  
Meanwhile at the beach....6/19/2020  13  
The Not So Great Pennsylvanian Dustbowl6/19/2020  3  
The Lingerie Sex Show6/18/2020  2  
Black, Yellow, White or Red,,,6/17/2020  0  
Warm water in the mornings....6/17/2020  3  
Kitten Play With Royalty ;]6/16/2020  1  
👅Real Life Hoe Tips👅6/16/2020  0  
So my car broke down this one day.....6/15/2020  5  
truckin6/14/2020  1  
truckin6/14/2020  0  
truckin6/14/2020  1  
When the sun rises, If it rises at all Meet me there across the water Let's start an endless squall6/14/2020  4