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Slurpy Saturday2/27/2021  1  
元宵節快樂 Happy Lantern Festival2/26/2021  5  
Happy Birthday!2/25/2021  4  
Sharing his wife2/25/2021  0  
Why do people need several sexual partners?2/25/2021  0  
Great Wife2/25/2021  0  
Kinky Day dream #112/25/2021  0  
My biggest fantasy2/24/2021  5  
Day-dreams2/24/2021  3  
Two Fingers in the Air2/24/2021  2  
Kitchen Slut...2/24/2021  2  
How to NOT make friends and influence people2/23/2021  16  
I want exciting exploration of spiritual desire for true understanding fulfilling genuine desire we2/23/2021  0  
Soft cock2/23/2021  0  
A threesome with a fun, older couple ...2/23/2021  0  
When in Doubt, Blame The List... Admit Your Mistakes and Move On2/22/2021  9  
OK girls, tell me why????2/21/2021  0  
Tim and Abbie 41: Tim’s promotion2/21/2021  0  
Wanting to be a play toy.2/21/2021  0  
Profilansichten / Profile views2/20/2021  1  
Wednesday's2/18/2021  1  
What happens in Vegas, day 22/18/2021  0  
Car Sex2/18/2021  0  
Just use me already, please2/18/2021  0  
An Erotic Encounter2/17/2021  0  
Our first "Menage a Trois"♂️♀️♂️2/17/2021  1  
Farewell gift to my mentor.2/17/2021  0  
looking to lick older men's balls now2/17/2021  0  
Why do I love to eat you?2/16/2021  0  
Would you hit on her at her friends wedding!2/16/2021  0  
Food Service...more like Dick Service!2/16/2021  1  
Friday Night2/16/2021  1  
Day two at Debbie's cabin2/14/2021  2  
Do women Like to be teased?2/13/2021  0  
My first extramarital "Fellatio".2/11/2021  3  
I still enjoy eating pussy2/11/2021  0  
A friend introduced me to one of his couples he plays with2/11/2021  0  
Pictures of you2/10/2021  1  
hello all of you kinky ladies2/9/2021  0  
The Look2/8/2021  7  
I Think of Longing2/7/2021  5  
Destined2/7/2021  0  
Destined2/7/2021  0  
Why i Love giving head2/7/2021  4  
Oh i do so miss attention2/5/2021  0  
1hour 33 mins. Of Licking Pussy in a Public Place2/5/2021  1  
Stranger in my Bed (a Fantasy)2/5/2021  8  
Looking back at my life2/4/2021  0  
Mature explorations (excerpt)2/4/2021  1