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Technical Difficulties updating my Questionnaire and more10/2/2020  0  
A happier day9/26/2020  5  
Wake me up?9/9/2020  0  
the new guy after lockdown8/6/2020  15  
Transferred...8/2/2020  2  
A Great Weekend7/28/2020  1  
A Great Day7/25/2020  0  
A Great Day7/24/2020  0  
Sorry, I prefer exclusive7/24/2020  4  
Need to feel loved!7/23/2020  1  
CL Casual Encounters..Sure miss it..7/16/2020  2  
Late Night Thoughts from a Wandering Mind...7/15/2020  1  
The Lingerie Sex Show6/18/2020  2  
Being Taken In My Red Panties6/9/2020  1  
Are people born bisexual or is it choice?5/28/2020  5  
男生的舌尖 Man's tip of the tongue5/5/2020  13  
emma of the night: cheating boyfriend4/19/2020  0  
Less we forget......4/7/2020  4  
Sex With A New Young Married Friend3/13/2020  1  
Fantasy1/23/2020  0  
sex playlist1/12/2020  3  
My first time1/11/2020  0  
These eyes of mine...1/4/2020  7  
跨腿 Cross leg12/14/2019  11  
抓屁屁 Grab my ass12/9/2019  12  
喇舌 French kiss12/6/2019  15  
Frenchkiss10/1/2019  13  
Make me feel like a real slutty woman??9/24/2019  2  
dam baby9/24/2019  0  
Ultimate All Male Massage Ever! Part 3 of 39/12/2019  4  
Call back ...leads to 3 some8/26/2019  1  
An eye opener...8/25/2019  2  
My first AdultFriendFinder meeting8/24/2019  4  
Daydreaming...All Night Long8/15/2019  6  
Foreplay8/10/2019  0  
sex with a horny neglected milf8/10/2019  1  
French Kissing8/5/2019  2  
When you and me had a party7/31/2019  10  
An early morning...7/18/2019  7  
An expansion of my fantasy.7/9/2019  1  
**** Spice Your Sex Life Up With Chocolate ****7/7/2019  23  
Which kiss is better French Kiss Or Normal Kiss?7/1/2019  0  
Chapter 6: Mother Knows Best6/16/2019  0  
Chapter 4: My Girlfriend's Mom Turns Up the Heat for Her Daughter6/14/2019  6  
Horny Mood...6/6/2019  4  
Naughty Cam Session6/2/2019  6  
“What A Masterpiece Deserves” Written by: YeffocD5/25/2019  0  
Male On Male Motel Sex5/17/2019  8  
The good and the bad...5/13/2019  6