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Openly Sexual like Dogs10/21/2020  9  
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36 Questions for You...10/16/2020  0  
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I’ve decided to blow up my life.7/20/2020  4  
I tried to seduce a couple and failed.7/17/2020  4  
King of the Road by Roger Miller7/12/2020  3  
FUCK HER LIKE I OWN HER!!6/22/2020  2  
We all have a great future. Be patient.6/20/2020  0  
Love pets6/5/2020  7  
The “Nice Guy” ( not the really nice guys, you are lovely) Prequel.5/27/2020  9  
Two Dates5/25/2020  0  
🖥🖱🎬 I had to do it5/24/2020  7  
Abstinence vs Indulgence5/15/2020  6  
DRUM - Female Foot Tickling x5 (Fiction)5/14/2020  0  
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Never did get into that last unit....5/2/2020  3  
Will Stepford Have GPS Coordinates in our Future?4/22/2020  4  
Thinking of you animal lovers~~~~4/6/2020  10  
Hindsight4/1/2020  0  
Last Day3/31/2020  23  
Going away today....3/29/2020  4  
Tired of the fakes/scammers/flakes3/20/2020  5  
morning rambles...3/16/2020  6  
Wanting you Wednesday3/11/2020  12  
Doing more maintenance work....3/11/2020  2  
DO Smart Meters CAUSE ED, sleeplessness, Pet Deaths, Ringing in the Ears3/10/2020  0  
Back to Monday...2/24/2020  3  
Surrender Sunday2/16/2020  2  
Pets2/13/2020  0  
Didn't work out as I thought it would...2/7/2020  2  
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How I spent last night. 1-19-20 (sorry dbs1983e)1/20/2020  6  
Pro creation1/17/2020  1  
Birthday Present1/15/2020  5  
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All About Me12/16/2019  0  
They arn't even here yet and already their bickering...12/4/2019  4  
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