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Reflections - 202010/21/2020  0  
Bring on those cold temps!10/21/2020  0  
Don't Go In There ..... (repost)10/21/2020  6  
What really matters to me! What matters to you?10/21/2020  0  
I am with you. I always was.10/20/2020  0  
The Shallow and Deep End Share the Same Water10/20/2020  0  
Toe the line?10/19/2020  11  
Music. A natural addiction.10/19/2020  2  
I am so fucking horny!!10/18/2020  0  
A Week in Pandemic Life10/16/2020  5  
The Nature Of Neglect10/14/2020  0  
Understanding Women10/14/2020  0  
to be naked, clothing optional10/13/2020  0  
Birthday Weekend10/12/2020  1  
The last relationship10/12/2020  0  
Tripping over our own expectations or compromises and who if anyone should be making them10/12/2020  4  
Southeast Missouri NSA/FWB10/12/2020  2  
Tim and Abbie 30: Meanwhile, between Les and Phoebe10/9/2020  0  
The Edge10/9/2020  0  
Wrestlefest10/9/2020  1  
Don't Lie, Just Fuck Him10/7/2020  0  
The Front Porch Chronicle September Edition10/6/2020  8  
Fill My Cunt10/6/2020  13  
My Cuckold Life: Introduction10/5/2020  3  
Not Exactly The Fall I Planned10/5/2020  6  
A little more about me...10/4/2020  0  
Questions Part 210/2/2020  0  
Dick Pic Dilemma10/2/2020  0  
Carpet Snags and the Universe10/1/2020  6  
Edging closer to Submission10/1/2020  3  
What is Solo Polamory?9/30/2020  2  
Working hard at Motel9/29/2020  1  
The Preference Code9/26/2020  25  
Are Any Females On Here Serious?9/25/2020  0  
Fantasy and reality9/24/2020  0  
**Dating Tips During The Pandemic One**9/23/2020  12  
**Dating Tips During The Pandemic Two**9/23/2020  7  
&*() The weiner9/22/2020  10  
Favorite Body Part9/22/2020  13  
My Ideal Woman9/21/2020  0  
Magic Fingers9/20/2020  15  
Summer9/20/2020  4  
Friendship, Lust, Love And What I'm Looking For9/19/2020  0  
Bad news, good news.9/19/2020  5  
The Revenge Plot - Part I9/19/2020  3  
Bi Opic9/19/2020  11  
Can I quote myself and she not get all out of sorts???9/18/2020  7  
What to do9/18/2020  0  
Ideal Qualities9/17/2020  3