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Room With a View10/22/2020  0  
Billy goes to Florida10/21/2020  5  
***** No Brainer *****10/18/2020  11  
Sleep with a toy10/16/2020  10  
The way I talk10/15/2020  0  
The way I talk10/15/2020  0  
Creative ways to have sex during a pandemic10/15/2020  5  
Tim and Abbie 33: Abbie changes her identity10/12/2020  0  
Shelter10/10/2020  0  
The Man Rules10/10/2020  0  
Storms10/10/2020  1  
Storms10/10/2020  1  
**How To Enjoy Halloween During Covid-19**10/8/2020  22  
I Feel Fine10/7/2020  4  
How To Ruin a Morning: Recruiter Lunacy10/7/2020  2  
A shameful Act of Indecency9/30/2020  6  
Quote Of The Day: 9-30-209/30/2020  7  
"I can feel your heartbeat, baby Something I cannot see, it's crazy I know How you feel all alone"9/26/2020  5  
My first connection on AdultFriendFinder9/26/2020  0  
Highway Bus9/24/2020  0  
My first AdultFriendFinder meet up....9/24/2020  3  
Juan de Fuca, 20069/22/2020  2  
Music quiz - Reflections9/20/2020  9  
Tell your story9/19/2020  0  
Th Van In The Park Man On Man9/17/2020  0  
Paraded, fondled and fucked by group...9/13/2020  0  
Fantasy meet9/11/2020  0  
A smell....9/11/2020  4  
Center of Attention?9/11/2020  11  
Fantasy of weekend getaway9/6/2020  5  
Seeing two guys live first time9/4/2020  0  
Tim and Abbie 10: Another Saturday9/1/2020  1  
Rain came9/1/2020  12  
The second person I met from A FF8/21/2020  20  
Yoga with Reggae8/21/2020  6  
Ice Skating Fall down.8/20/2020  3  
Thunder Will Certainly Bring Lightening8/19/2020  0  
Game Time! :)8/13/2020  6  
Balling Anywhere - But Always Balling!8/8/2020  0  
Days of Walking (and hiding from the heat)8/8/2020  4  
It's that time of year again8/7/2020  7  
meeting and being safe8/3/2020  0  
A haunting fantasy to desire for real.8/2/2020  0  
Today I got a brother and man, is he ugly.7/30/2020  1  
Scientology7/29/2020  0  
How to NOT have an affair -_-7/29/2020  10  
Orgies around Detroit were certainly unique7/28/2020  0  
Another Monday.....7/27/2020  2  
E137: The end of the honeymoon and the start of a tradition7/26/2020  0