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oral2/24/2021  0  
Woman #32/24/2021  0  
CD Disappointment2/23/2021  0  
Wanting to be a play toy.2/21/2021  0  
From The Sedan Man Chronicles2/19/2021  1  
Car Sex2/18/2021  0  
Post-pourri2/18/2021  17  
Not much I can do about it....2/18/2021  4  
An Erotic Encounter2/17/2021  0  
Feb. 20212/17/2021  0  
Would you hit on her at her friends wedding!2/16/2021  0  
Episode X: The First Time Out at the Hot tubs2/15/2021  8  
Diary of a sex slave2/12/2021  3  
That was short lived!2/12/2021  0  
Come 15 March Renew Membership why Just Because2/11/2021  1  
The Monster Truck Dildo.2/9/2021  4  
Ragged Old Flag by Johnny Cash w/pics2/9/2021  6  
Winter Fun (and not so fun)2/8/2021  18  
Cassiopeia2/7/2021  2  
Her worst date….ever…part 2.2/6/2021  1  
****The Journey****2/5/2021  31  
More wicked sexy memories2/5/2021  2  
More of my dirty past2/4/2021  0  
Just a normal day out shopping ......or was it2/4/2021  0  
The Aftermath For Funny Thirsty Thursday!2/4/2021  3  
Looking back with great memories2/3/2021  1  
Warm day!2/2/2021  0  
watchers in the dark2/1/2021  0  
Fantasies2/1/2021  0  
25 or 6 to 4 Saturday in the Park Ballet for Girl Buchannon2/1/2021  0  
Time to go for another drive1/30/2021  11  
He got out of the truck and started walking towards me...1/28/2021  4  
Ups and Down1/25/2021  3  
Lets play...1/25/2021  5  
Recent School girl RP I had1/25/2021  0  
When Nice Runs Out.1/24/2021  4  
Any fine fem ts cd tranny Mexican transviti preferred hmu1/23/2021  0  
I know....1/23/2021  6  
Fantasy girl1/17/2021  5  
Offering Up My Anal Pussy1/15/2021  2  
My First Anal Experience1/12/2021  4  
Are You a Slut in a Short Story... Or a Player In a Novel... 😮❗1/12/2021  15  
High Speed Orgasm1/10/2021  11  
Can we say 2020-won?1/5/2021  6  
A Walk Through 20201/2/2021  15  
Episode IX: Venturing Out: Mr I See You!1/1/2021  5  
Goodbye 2020...12/31/2020  0  
I have become a.......?12/28/2020  6  
After her first MMF12/28/2020  4