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This Chemical Romance4/3/2020  1  
Paradise lost...4/2/2020  3  
Spray, Wipe, Rinse4/2/2020  15  
April 2nd......4/2/2020  3  
Hi4/2/2020  6  
The 1st time my hubby watched me being fucked.4/2/2020  0  
The Plumber on Hilton Head Part 24/1/2020  1  
Confessions of a Latina Transgurl4/1/2020  1  
**** Your April Love Forecast ****4/1/2020  12  
anyone horney4/1/2020  0  
The Work BFF4/1/2020  7  
Our first date3/31/2020  0  
Mobile Phones3/31/2020  0  
Good Neighbor Policy3/31/2020  0  
Quarantine Neighbors3/31/2020  0  
~~~~ Your Daily Tease ~~~~3/31/2020  21  
Just an idea that might revolutionize the site as well social networks3/31/2020  2  
Just an idea that might revolutionize the site as well social networks3/31/2020  0  
I want to make a film3/31/2020  0  
Wishing you all well3/31/2020  1  
It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere by Allen Jackson and Jimmy Buffet3/30/2020  4  
100 Days of Sex Challenge - Day 113/30/2020  0  
need a new job3/30/2020  0  
AdultFriendFinder tips (according to equanimity )3/30/2020  0  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ( Act IV )3/29/2020  1  
E125: The beginning of a new life together3/29/2020  0  
How important is honesty in an alternative relationship?3/29/2020  0  
Do you want to lick my pussy?3/29/2020  3  
so lets talk about my day yesterday...lost an hour and half...wound up on the floor...mmm....damn3/28/2020  4  
Warning: this might challenge you3/28/2020  5  
fantasizing in the dressing room...3/28/2020  7  
Don't you dare read this!3/28/2020  0  
Reply all.....3/28/2020  2  
Making changes...3/28/2020  0  
Phone sex - older women3/27/2020  0  
Keeping Busy...3/27/2020  8  
Continued ....Dreams come True.. Wishes are Granted...and Satisfaction is a Reality3/27/2020  4  
rain and night time stuff3/26/2020  0  
im imagining this as i write, im in a dressing room...3/26/2020  0  
It's been way too long3/26/2020  0  
Make no mistake.3/25/2020  13  
Sweet Surrender3/25/2020  4  
Still horny during all of this3/25/2020  8  
"Boober Eats"3/24/2020  2  
into music sex drugs alcohol!3/24/2020  4  
Why3/24/2020  4  
Top 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus COVID-193/23/2020  8  
Ngoc Anh's backstory3/23/2020  2  
Men texting right now... WHAT??3/23/2020  8  
Chauffeur for the night3/22/2020  0