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This Chemical Romance4/3/2020  1  
Part 2 of my meals while in isolation~~~~4/2/2020  9  
Some meals while in isolation~~~~4/2/2020  7  
Ummm... Social Distancing......4/2/2020  3  
Good Neighbor Policy3/31/2020  0  
Missing touch drove me to this...3/30/2020  11  
covid rant3/30/2020  5  
End of Days...3/29/2020  4  
FML3/28/2020  3  
Sexual Beginnings3/23/2020  1  
Hungry3/23/2020  0  
I'm on an answering spree... and super-chatty3/21/2020  0  
"You wanna talk, I wanna touch I wanna touch I only love if it's tragic She only f*ck if its magic"3/21/2020  5  
Love and Warmth In Trying Times3/21/2020  2  
March 2020 Ramblings - The Mysteries of Life: on "Greatness" and What Holds You Back in Life3/19/2020  0  
Coronavirus3/19/2020  6  
The Best Sex Advice a Man Can Learn3/19/2020  1  
Postbox for Private Messages3/19/2020  1  
Without Prelude3/18/2020  0  
staying safe......and not losing your cool3/16/2020  0  
The Sex Club...3/16/2020  0  
The Adventures of Captain Rick Longwood and his Sub Commander Alexia Pussaphilia3/16/2020  2  
The Best Way to Wake Someone Up, or One of My Favorite Things....3/16/2020  3  
DIC PICS Things to Keep in Mind3/15/2020  10  
venting for no one to read3/12/2020  0  
The attractive nuisance3/11/2020  19  
Its still funny3/8/2020  0  
That allure of a married man3/8/2020  0  
Normal Profile3/5/2020  0  
The Beginning Of The Week Before March, part 2 of 33/4/2020  0  
Daddy & Bunny3/4/2020  0  
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (Act II)3/3/2020  3  
He Fainted Dead Away!3/1/2020  10  
Sixty reasons why not.....2/29/2020  1  
Further observations.2/29/2020  0  
tumbleweeds....2/28/2020  2  
Daytime play?2/26/2020  0  
deep down2/25/2020  5  
往事2/24/2020  0  
satisfaction2/23/2020  2  
o2/22/2020  0  
Friday is over...2/21/2020  1  
Something really Worth Reading2/19/2020  0  
Sightings2/18/2020  1  
Knowing people2/18/2020  3  
Sex Tools: Self awareness to more bang with more use2/17/2020  0  
Shall we Dance?2/16/2020  3  
Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch ..... part 2 of 32/16/2020  0  
Still at it!2/15/2020  0  
I'm running low, I'm sorry I have to go2/15/2020  15