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Age difference2/27/2021  0  
Volunteering at the senior center (excerpt)2/27/2021  3  
Erotic Fiction with a Kinky Twist2/25/2021  0  
DNA DRIVEN: The sexual instinct in us all. It's about human survival.2/25/2021  0  
Taking the first step; how to get started.2/24/2021  0  
First Fuck2/24/2021  0  
Dish from an Ex Who's Now on the Sites2/24/2021  3  
soon i will be ready2/22/2021  7  
Oh Those Younger Years...2/21/2021  1  
Tim and Abbie 40: Thursday dinner2/20/2021  0  
I wish you were here2/19/2021  4  
From The Sedan Man Chronicles2/19/2021  1  
Careful what you wish for...2/19/2021  0  
What happens in Vegas, day 22/18/2021  0  
What happens in Vegas, day 12/18/2021  0  
Our first "Menage a Trois"♂️♀️♂️2/17/2021  1  
Looking to chat with younger women2/17/2021  0  
Food Service...more like Dick Service!2/16/2021  1  
First time in subspace2/15/2021  4  
Debbie and Kim invite me to The Cabin2/13/2021  1  
Looking for a hookup/FWB2/13/2021  0  
Diary of a sex slave2/12/2021  3  
Busted as Mom discovered my Panty Stash2/11/2021  5  
why ask me do I still do gang bangs????2/11/2021  1  
Sub2/9/2021  0  
Doughnuts .....2/8/2021  6  
I do tend to buy and wear2/7/2021  0  
I'll not be watching the game....2/7/2021  8  
Hello Kinky peeps2/6/2021  0  
High Rise Masturbation2/5/2021  0  
Just a normal day out shopping ......or was it2/4/2021  0  
Looking back with great memories2/3/2021  1  
We're a happily married couple looking for another man for wife.2/2/2021  1  
I made a spur of the moment trip up to Denton, Tx2/1/2021  2  
watchers in the dark2/1/2021  0  
The first time with my first lover1/29/2021  1  
Looking for cougar1/29/2021  0  
My butt....1/28/2021  19  
LIKE A VIRGIN1/28/2021  27  
Are Men Really That Gullible?1/27/2021  0  
Hello horny Mother Fuckers...1/26/2021  0  
What Daddy’s little girl wants .1/26/2021  0  
Why is it ...1/26/2021  3  
Ups and Down1/25/2021  3  
Solve the puzzle and make a date.1/21/2021  0  
any younger girls interisted?1/21/2021  0  
Cumming1/19/2021  2  
Going back to college1/19/2021  5